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20 Years Old

6’0" 195lbs

Trying to get to 200 before I lean down. I have been eating 3400 cal a day and I can’t gain weight. Also, I know my legs suck. I am recovering from double ACL surgery.

Any suggestions on how to gain weight?

If you are eating 3500 kals per day and you are not gaining any weight, you should prob. consume more kals.
That sucks about the ACL, good luck with that. BTW you already look lean. why are you going to lean out?

I agree eat more. and i would say go to 210 or even 215 then lean out.

Why stop at 200? I would try for 220 you are 6 feet tall. Good progress so far.

yeah good progress man, arms look pretty huge. what are your lifts like?(except squat cause the ACL injuries, unless you have b4 numbers) what does your 3400cals consist of?

Why have a certain weight to bulk to just bulk until you uncomfortable with your bodyfat percent.

Your very lean right now man even if you gained 5lbs of fat you would still be prety damn lean.

Keep up the good work.

Like everyone else said, you won’t really need to lean out at 200.

Shoot for higher.

But the muscles you’re showing us look good.

Also, I think you deserve a higher rating than the 3.8 that’s currently showing.

I gave you a good score because you are young, your are obviously actually lifting weights (not like some), and you are bulking too.

You need to read the bulking articles on here.


Massive eating

You probably can eat a lot more calories.

Your surgery is going to steal calories and slow you down for a bit.

You are not fat and probably can bulk more if you wish although cutting up then starting again is a good idea also.

Your triceps are especially big around the elbow area in my opinion! If anything perhaps your arms are a bit bigger than the rest of you.

My workout


Calf raises
Hamstring curls
Leg press


Flat barbell bench
Incline dumbbell bench
Dumbbell flys
Tricept push down


Pull ups
One arm dumbbell row
Trap raises
Preacher curl
Dumbell curl




Dead lift
Calf raises
Hamstring curls
Leg press


Alternate between Tuesday and Wednesday�??s workouts, abs



I normally do 5-6 sets and reps will drop by 2 each week starting with 10 and going to 4.

Here is and example of two days worth of meals.

Meal Food Fat Cal Carb Pro
6:00 Heavy weight gainer 18 970 152 50
9:00 Cottage Cheese 4 125 3 25
12:00 Hamburger, Yogurt, Apple 31 690 75 35
2:30 Tuna 1.5 150 0 32.5
4:30 NO Shotgun 0 108 9 16
6:30 Turkey, Rice, Asparagus, 2c milk 14 620 77 53
9:00 Heavy weight gainer 18 970 152 50
Totals 86.5 3633 468 261.5

Meal Food Fat Cal Carb Pro
6:00 Heavy weight gainer 18 970 152 50
9:45 Tuna, pb crackers 10.5 340 23 37.5
12:00 Mc Chicken, Double Cheese, Fries 59 1180 52 43
4:30 NO Shotgun, pb sand, 1/2 c cheese 35.5 601 24.5 42
6:30 Heavy weight gainer 18 970 152 50
9:00 Bowl of chilli 34 490 26 16
Totals 175 4551 429.5 238.5

I usually don’t have mcdonalds or any other fast food but I didn’t have time to pack my lunch in the morning.

I’m not sure why I chose 200 as a goal. I guess it just seemed like a good number. I know I wouldn’t want to be much bigger than 215-220. I don’t consider myself a body builder. I just like to look good and be in shape.

You’ll probably benefit from training fewer days per week to allow your body to recover better. You’ll also be burning up fewer calories. You should first assess how comfortable you are training six days per week.

If you are very comfortable with this and feel great going into most workouts, continue this plan. However, I’d be suprised if you were recovering optimally with so much volume.

Also, there’s way too much emphasis on quad dominant exercises in your leg routines. Find some new exercises for the posterior chain and substitute them for leg curls and leg presses on one of your leg days.

If you continue to train legs twice per week, vary the set/rep scheme every leg workout. It’s likely that you’re doing too much for your legs with not enough variation in your program.