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20 Years Old


I'm not in bodybuilding but in strongman competitions. I actually loves bb and plan someday to jump on a stage. I'm 6'3 260lbs, my arms are 19inch, 50 torso, 28inch legs and 35 waist. During the off season I try the Ibodybuilding program. It is very effective, by the way my lifts are DL 725lbs, 700lbs squat, 425bench and 330 push press. I'll post mores pics soon. Thanks for rating. PS excuse my english Im french canadian


Got vids of the DL and squat?


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Pretty solid looking physique, tough to tell from this pic tho. Would really like to see vids.


Big dude,.. and not 'fat' at 260 either, impressive. While you can only tell so much from one pic, you look solid. I'd be very curious how you'd look should you ever go ahead with stepping onstage some day.



Great stuff man. How long have you been training?

Vids would be nice to see


Good solid base, but your large waist makes you look like a block. Try Squatting and DLing without a belt as thats the reason why most powerlifters have large waists


Well, I certainly don't agree with that statement. Most powerlifters have 'large' waists because they don't worry about their bf%. Even the old arguments about excessively developing your obliques has gotten a bit out of hand. Judging by your photo, your hip BONES certainly aren't the narrowest, but for the most part, how wide or narrow your waist ultimately appears when lean will be solely based on genetics.



deadgoat, you're pretty young to know everything bout bodybuilding and steroids.

If you wanna bodybuild, make sure you work on back width and lateral delts(or are they medial?) Otherwise your a tank. Maybe just throw in some accessory work on the body parts you feel are small on you, like your entire lower half of your body


This is wrong. And its more likely that the exact opposite is true. Squatting with a belt will disengage a lot of core muscles causing less stress on them. What Stu said is much more important than belt or no belt.

Belts should be used when squatting huge weights. The large majority of people should avoid a belt at all costs when deadlifting.


agreed. you would think a member of T-Nation would know that


Blaze, don't put so much faith into T-Nation members. Remember, membership is free... lol theres only so many of us who take training seriously it seems like


Are you a Caron?


Wearing a belt and pushing out on it while taking a huge belly of air while squatting/deadlifting/leg pressing will cause your belly to permanently destend, much like a GH gut


lol yeah I know I'm pretty opinionated for a kid, I'm just trying to learn as much as possible and help others with whatever little I know be it helpful or "silly" as others have already called me.

Really like this site, just wish some members would debate and share info instead of trying to start a war on who knows more


Youre retarded. Seriously STFU



Share info instead of debate on who knows more?? So youre saying youd rather have people share wrong info back and forth unchecked simply to avoid internet confrontation.

What do you think "debate" means if not a showing of who knows more??


We are sharing new info if we tell you you're wrong and correct the statement. If you're trying to learn as much as possible, sit back and do that.


That's got to be one of the silliest things I've ever heard.



I am right.


Deadgoat, I can understand your thought process on the way a belt is suppose to be used and how that may lead to what your suggesting but it's completely unrelated sorry.

What stu said is the key to what your waist size is. Genetics determine the width and depth of your pelvis/waist.

How you hold your core/abdominal's though is a different story . This is independent on the person's activation, of which some are lazy and will have a 'distended' belly, while others are more in tune and will remain 'tight' throughout the day.

Regardless, even a 'lazy activator' won't have "GH Gut" as you put it. The only distention you will generally see from weak abdominal control is in the lower portion of the stomach, not the entire stomach as with "GH Gut"

My 2cents