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20 Years Old, Training for 1 Year


Hello. My name is Samir, I am 20 years old and from the UK and have been training for a year, for the first 6 months it was mostly on the machines at Uni but have started a free weight routine recently.

Just started doing 5/3/1 twice a week (sq and bench once a week and deadlift and overhead press the other day. I try to run sprints on a different day also.

First of all I know I need work all over, but I think my arms need the most work, along with losing some fat around my waist.

Right now my best are
Squat: 150 kg
Bench: 90 kg
Deadlift: 140 kg
Overhead press: 65 kg

weight down from about 14 stone

(that's me on the left - I don't have a camera but that picture best gives you an idea of my physique)


You mean the right?

Do you have a question?


Samir, how much do you weigh currently? For someone who's just started lifting free weights, your squat and deadlift seem high. If possible, borrow a friends camera and record your lifts so we can correct any problems that may exist with your form.

As far as making your arms bigger, I usually do a little bicep work on days I deadlift and a little tricep work on days I bench.


How odd...


why twice a week? why not 4 times?


I don't think he lifts 90kg on bench or squats 150kg. He looks like he has no muscle at all, those lifts may be pretty low but it would still take maybe 6 months to get to that point.


Oh haha sorry of course

Does how I'm training now look alright? I know someone said I should train 4x a week but I have a heavy course load right now at Uni and work part time.


I'm 85 kilos which comes to about 190 pounds.

I'll see if I can get a video up.


Ok, so I'm deadlifting tommorow and talked to a guy who has a camera. Going for 120 kilos for 5 on my last set. Will then try to post the vid.


Nothing wrong with 4, just throwing an idea out there

Samir-this is a thread from the bb forum with what you're basically looking for. Read the whole thing, not just the first couple comments.



good point. the rest of us on here just sit at home on mom's couch if we're not in the gym


x2, sack up and find time.


x3, I can say for myself and I'm sure for quite a few others that I don't organise my training around the rest of my schedule, I organise the rest of my schedule around my training.


The other 2 days should be arms then?


x4. I would be shocked if your class schedule is worse than mine was last semester, and I still made time for workouts. You might have to wake up early, not go out on week nights, or make similar sacrifices if you really value training.

That picture is definitely... humble. You've got some serious work to do.


If you are doing a 2-day variant of 5/3/1 and then switch to a 4-day training schedule, why would you waste those two extra days on arms?

Judging by your photo I wouldn't worry too much on arms. Just stick to 5/3/1 the way it was intended to be used and if you insist of focusing on your arms you could always find room for it in your accessory work - however - that isn't a license to ignore the remainder of your physique.