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20 Years Old. Thyroid Issue with Low T

i’m dealing with borderline low testosterone for almost 2 years now. Also TSH is elevated all the time. Latest blood work will be attached down below.

Symptoms : almost no libido and morning wood, very little facial hair, getting cold easily. Morning temperatures are just in the 95’s .

Doc gave me a recipe for a thyroid medication today ( Thyronajod called here in Germany ) which contains 50mcg of l-thyroxine as well as 200 mcg of iodine. I’m concerned of this as it contains iodine and I did iodine replenishment couple weeks ago which drove my TSH up like crazy.

Also some people say with thyroid problems one shouldn’t take in much iodine. Should I return to the doc and ask for a l-thyroxine only med ?

First of all, you should check out the stickies and the one about the thyroid for a complete exclamation. Your TSH is about what mine is – and most doctors are reluctant to put me on any medication, although if I had the opportunity to do it I would. Your LH is a little bit on the lower end – this is what send the signal to your testicles to produce testosterone. Your testosterone is clearly low, although I doubt it’s related to your thyroid. You are a young guy so I would not recommend jumping on TRT just yet by any means. You may want to try using something like Clomid – which would help boost your LH and kick up your testosterone – and then see how things go with that plus the thyroid medication

FSH is high, get testes examined looking for testicular cancer. In any case, you have primary hypogonadism.

You have many topics so I can’t see what we had covered before, not going to make that effort.

High dose iodine increases TSH, harmless.

Concern with iodine would be if you had thyroid autoimmune disease and you did not test for thyroid antibodies.

200mcg iodine is what you should be getting anyways.
You need 200mcg selenium from vitamins and those might then have 150mcg iodine.

If you had not been using iodized salt, that may be the cause of your thyroid problems.