20 Years Old, Second Show Prep

A few weeks out from the canadian junior nationals. Posted last year after winning the junior alberta provincials and said I would follow up this year.

Just turned 20
5 11
221 pounds in these photos



files having trouble uploading



Wow, was my first word when I opened this thread. Looking good, especially the first picture, big shoulders and arms and a small waist.

Impressed by how lean you are at over 220 on that height. Do you have any measurements, and what weight do you compete at?

Thanks man, yeah shoulders and arms were a focus this year definitely.
This year I am estimating I will probably compete at 210 maybe 205, somewhere in there.

Latest measurements are:
18 in arms
50 inch chest
33 inch waist
28 inch legs
(Slight differences between right and left of course but not significant)

Looking good.
amazing arms and shoulders!

Yeah man, looking solid.

You gonna update with the full dieted down pics?

Yeah will throw some from the show up

Looking great.

Impressive physique.

Very impressive. Keep up the solid work.

Very good. Hams, quads, pecs are the weakest spots. Bring up the legs in the offseason and it will balance things out nicely.

How many weeks out are you?

who is helping you with your prep?

Yes legs have always been a weak point, added a lot of size to them this year, they will continue to be a big focus for a long time. I am very triceps dominant so my chest has not grown as fast as my arms and shoulders but I’ve changed things up a bit, hopefully this year I can make a big difference there.

Brian and Donna Logue are doing my show prep, I worked with them last year and had an incredible experience, learned a lot, and ended up doing very well.

Thanks for all the input and positive comments, its good to have some outside opinions

For these pics I was 5 weeks out

Looking good bro, how does your training look like?

Training is pretty straight forward, right now Im training about 6 days a week, on a seven day cycle. Chest, Back, Quads, Shoulders, Arms, Post-Chain and Calves, and a day or two of rest mixed in there where I feel I need it. When I have starch in my diet I tend to do about 40 sets per workout, with each work set being between 4-6 reps or so. Mostly I go heavier and only get 2 or 3 reps and then strip the weight to get another 2-4. When I have no starch I tend to do between 20-30 sets per workout with the same rep scheme and lifting technique, at these times not necessarily being any weaker but having severely reduced endurance in the gym. For the big compounds that I love, such as bench, squats, deads, chins, leg press, shoulder press, arnold press, and a few others Ill do 7-8 work sets, the rest of the workout being for about 5-6 sets per exercise.

*Any moronic spelling or non-sensical sentences please forgive, it is a struggle with no starch and no fats haha

You look kind of soft if you’re only 3-4 weeks out of a show (a “few”). Maybe these shots dont do you justice… but keep dieting hard!

Nice physique though. Focus on chest and legs and you’ll be golden.