20 Years Old & Natural

hey guys, just figured i’d get in on this RMP forum, looking for some critiquing. LMK what you think
diet is typically like this high protein and high carbs w.low fat
taking a weight gainer and a joint supp but thats about it…
weighing 228 in these pix

Mandatory shots? Back/legs?

sorry about the size, thats the back, dont have any leg shots atm will definitely upload some this week though

How tall are you?

too tall, 6’

People on here will rate you low if your pictures are small and hard to see like the last two. I gave you a higher rating to bump your average. You’re obviously not a 4.6. Hard to give any advice with the tiny pics and lack of leg shots.

LOL @ at all the fat internet turds that tried to give this guy a low rating.

OP looks awesome. I want to know more about your diet and training.

Ya, you’re doing very well right now. I’m also 20, natural, plan on competing. What does your diet/training look like?

[quote]mr popular wrote:
LOL @ at all the fat internet turds that tried to give this guy a low rating.

sniffle :frowning: but it makes me feel better about myself

Looking awesome, the skinny faggots must be so jealous.

haha appreciate the support guys
i wouldnt mind competing this year, but as stated earlier in the thread, im 6’ tall… so i have a pretty big frame to fill out. i wouldnt mind coming on stage around 230ish, so bulking up to 260ish is the plan prior to competing.
i dont really have a set regime, i kinda wing it and try to take in as many calories as possible.
typical day will be anywhere from 6-8 eggs and some oatmeal around 5:30am then ill eat every 2.5 hours until i train at 4pm. i take my weight gainer 2x a day, upon waking and before bed (Up Your Mass by MHP). i think my calorie range aside from the weight gainer is in the 4000’s. I eat alot of chicken and alot of red meat and way too much rice.

as far as training goes, im bulking so im not really doing as many isolation exercises, i do alot of barbell work, benching, standing military presses, squats, deadlifts, etc.
#'s are as follows
335 on incline for 6
495 on squats for 5
495 on deads for 5
225 on standing military presses for 6
those are the “main” lifts as far as im concerned. if there are any other questions feel free, ill answer to the best of my ability…

I’d like to apologize in advance for my typical “myspace mirror pic” didnt feel like asking my training partner to take shots of me w.my pants down. but the following is a leg shot and a relaxed back shot, just taken about 10min ago… just got home from a long day @ work