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20 Years old, Low T


Hello everyone.

im going to answer some of the things in the stickies first





-describe body and facial hair
absolutely no body hair, absolutely no facial hair aside from like 5 hairs on my chin.

-describe where you carry fat and how it's changed
never carried much fat at all.

-health conditions, symptoms [history]
I've suspected low t for a few years now but what really brought it to light was not being able to get it up with a girl recently. Also a complete loss of libido; it's been a long time since I've looked at girls as more than just art, for a lack of a better term. I have no body hair or facial hair as previously stated. My body never naturally developed, in my Jr year of HS i was 5'11" and less than 130lbs. Have been lifting hard and consistently for the past couple of years, and have gotten up to just bellow 160lbs at my heaviest. However the gains have come very slowly considering my consistency and good diet. chronic fatigue has become something of a fact of life for me, and i often have a hard time sleeping despite this.

-lab results with ranges
I recently had a test done on my testosterone levels and these were the results.

i had 3.3ng/mL on a scale from 2.5-9.5ng/mL

my PCP says this is normal

However, i have made a follow up to try to convince her to refer me to an endo. Ive seen in a couple places saying that the average 80year old has testosterone levels at around 3.6ng/mL, so there's no way that my PCP is going to tell me that this is normal for a 20year old as well.


Bud you have more issues then testosterone so just stop that way of thinking for a while.

Read the advice for new guys sticky

Read thyroid basics

consider igf-1 testing

Learn about the adrenals

Do not start on testosterone. Your doc is doing you a favour and for now relax on the T.

Was lh and fsh tested?


What makes you think I have more issues than just the T?

thanks for the input, i will do a bit of reading about thyroid hormones, adrenals, and igf-1.

LH and FSH were not tested for but i will make sure to get them included in the next blood test i get.

Also, free testosterone results just came in.
i got 7.8pg/mL, the standard scale being 10-30pg/mL


Testosterone and Estrogen are apart of a complicated endocrine system that is intricately interwined with other systems that effect each other. You have to learn why you have low testosterone, where it is caused by primary or secondary hypogonadism.

Many things can cause low testosterone. It's important to find the solution to the problem instead of the symptoms. TRT can exacerbate other endocrine or other issues.

You have to see whether your thyroid is functioning properly. Without properly functioning thyroid, your body will not be able to cope with the metabolism a person should have at a good testosterone level. You could have adrenal fatigue, or burnt yourself out.

Have you been stressed lately, have you been stressed in the past? How severe?

You need to get LH FSH and estrogen checked. High estrogen is just as bad as low testosterone.

There is alot to learn like iw84 said, read the stickies and inform yourself.


If its a prescription for testosterone you are interested in, you shouldn't have a problem getting one with those lab results. Don't go to your family doc, go to one of the millions of docs that are now advertising treatment for "low T". Make sure to ask if they prescribe test injections verses the cream. You don't want the cream.

Absorption varies and blood levels won't be consistent. Also, you're girlfriend might not appreciate the fact that she's growing facial hair from physical contact with you (the cream rubs off). You really should have more tests done to find out why at age 20 your levels are low. Get a referral for an endocrinologist and they should be able to get those balls working like they should.


just got back from the follow up appointment.

my PCP insists that my total T of 3.3ng/mL are normal since it is within the "standard range"
She disregarded the low free T result of 7.8ng/mL on the 10-30pg/mL range saying that free T results are meaningless.

She had me get another blood test done for testosterone, TSH, and a blood cell count. I mentioned LH and FSH and she started talking about my complaint concerning fatigue and how my thyroid should be checked.

She said that if my T levels came back low again that she may put me on some kind of testosterone cream.


Do not start trt without testing lh and fsh..

If I were you I would hold off all together.

Shouk gave you a good answer


You need A LOT of blood tests.

Like aces said, DON'T even think about starting TRT without LH and FSH. You're 20 years old. Your testicles should work just fine unless they have endured some type of trauma you haven't mentioned. Otherwise, you do have other things going on and are some degree of secondary hypogonadism. Primary hypogonadism means your testicles aren't working properly and will need TRT.

Read through the blood test sticky near the top of the page. Erectile disfunction at 20? Get your prolactin checked.


And stop watching porn.:slightly_smiling: seriously stop!