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20 Years Old from UK

Here’s some pics taken yesterday. Been training for roughly 3-4 years. around 205lbs, not sure of bf%?


back 2


Good work, bro. Delts and traps are impressive, I’d work on overall arm size though.

Any stats? height, weight, lifts, etc…

yea dude for sure nice stuff. any before pictures?

Sorry mate i have no before pics

You get an extra point for posting a decent set of pics! Which makes a pleasant change :slight_smile:

I would say you’re coming along nicely and looking solid.

The areas that need most improvement are chest and tris…unusual as most people do loads more pressing than pulling in the beginning. You now have an excuse to do more pressing!

Back width and front delts look tremoundous. Really good looking work for 20. Though, by the way your front delts way overpower your chest me guess is you are a shoulder bencher.

I’d suggest some dumbells (if you aren’t already) focusing on really getting a deep stretch and focusing on the chest, that is the muscle group I see laggin’.

By the way, width is particularly impressive as it appears you high high-ish lat insertions.

Wish my delts looked like that. Impressive for someone at 20 that’s for sure. How are your lower legs? Maybe some additional focus on taking your legs to the next level would help but the top half is pretty solid.

nice fuckin back dude. do you primarily just train for strength or size? some more in-depth description of your training would be appreciated

Impressive physique, nice job man.

The thing that hit me at first was that ur chest didnt look like it “belonged” you know what im saying? Compared to the rest of your body it looked small. Just constructive critisism.

You obviously know what you are doing. 9/10 from me.

Your delt to arm ratio reminds me of Dave Tate lol. Freakish.

Do you plan to do a show anytime? To match your shoulders, you need to bring up the upper arms a bit, and with your thick wrists, you can beef up the forearms a lot more.

For those traps and delts, I’d look for most chest mass overall. A side chest would show depth a bit better though.

Excellent work! Now get a tan and go compete!

Looking solid, especially for 20. Try a chest specialization program, as it seems to be your weakest area. Keep up the great work!

Great work overall. Traps look sick from the front. Tremendous job for being only 20. Obvious you concentrate on everything.

I was thinking something along the lines of Thib’s HSS 100.

Search around this site, as there is some great info on diet and training here. Keep up the hard work, and good luck with your training.

good job. u natural?

I wish I could get my deltoids to look like that. What’s your workout routine like?