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20 Years Old, Feeling Like Sh*t

Hello guys!

First of all i had cryptorchism, which never got treated. (Just a nosespray, but this didn’t help.) It got better on its own, but my testicles just were in the right position when i was already around 12 years. Later on, i was always a late bloomer, but didn’t think much about it.

Now i am 20 and i have no facial hair at all and even no hair on my arms. I look younger than you would guess a 20 years old would look. Even though i make regularly sports, i just don’t look like it. (narrow shoulders, wide hips) I am not fat at all, cause i am looking at my nutrition, but i carry fat at my hips and breasts, even though i am slim generally. I experience fatigue over the whole time, and i am feeling just tired. I also do have problems with my bones, but this could be an other issue. As i have said, I am trying to eat healthy, get enough sleep, make enough sports and i even supplement with vitamin d and fish oil since a year. My condition hasn’t changed.

So i visited a doctor. I had 3 blood tests since then. My TT was 340, 360 and 350. So pretty consistent. All other values were in the normal range. My doctor said these values are low considering my age, but nothing to treat. Oh, the test all were taken at 9 am.

i would appreciate your opinions on that.


Low hormones can weaken bones.

Your low T is not a condition, it is a symptom of something else. Read, carefully, the ‘advice for new guys’ sticky. Note the various causes. Pay attention to thyroid, iodine, iodized salt, dry skin, feeling cold.

As per the sticky, provide more info including OTC and Rx drugs etc.

Post all of your lab work.

So testes are now in normal position?

You need:

Where are you located? The treatment options can vary by location. Also affects your potential for vit-D3.