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20 Years Old, 3 Years Training


I started lifting weights when I was really skinny, at about 120lbs, and now I weight 168lbs with an 6-8%BF.

Pics of me:


Lat spread


another one


back double biceps




legs pic 2


front double biceps


and a comparison photo: the first to the left is 3 years ago, just before I started bodybuilding, and the second one to the right is from now


great progress mate i was in a similar situation weighing 126 8 month ago but now im at 182 and still at a decent degree of body fat but not as ripped as you


Well, awesome progress from your before pic. Now, what does your diet look like?


Holy crap you have a low body fat lol.

You remind me of my friend, who I keep trying to get to come lift with me regularly, but he just hasn't seen the light yet. Or food.


Good progress! Keep eating as much as you possibly can....


I eat plenty of food, 5-6 meals/day, every one of them containing a protein source + a carb/fat source. I don't have any "diet", I eat everything I want, I just have a very fast metabolism.

Please post some more impressions, muscle groups that I should bring up etc.

What's wrong with having a low body fat?!


Your two back shots look sick. Your legs are very small, but they won't get much bigger unless you do as a whole. Your front double bi is your weakest, i think mostly because there's not much width difference between your lats and waist. Excellent progress, you looked like an alien!
What are your goals?


You are peeled.

Eat eat eat kid, stuff everything you can get your hands on in your mouth and get some mass.


Excellent progress. You look 200% better than your before pic, that's for sure. Ripped as hell, you look like you have lower body fat than in your before pic, but with a ton of added muscle.

I would say legs are a definite, and I suppose lats, but really, the most important thing is to gain more size all over. You look like if you were wearing normal clothes, I'd doubt that you'd look like you're very muscular. If your goal is to look athletic, you're there, but you look almost exactly like a guy I train MMA with, who doesn't even use weights (granted, he's very genetically gifted). He looks great with his shirt off, but with it on, he just looks like the average "fit" person. Fine if that's all you want, but if you want it to be obvious that you lift, you're going to need to gain a lot more size.

Great job with gaining nearly 50lbs though, and still looking absolutely shredded.


Thanks for the replies.

My goals are bodybuilding, everything that includes this: I want to be as big as I can but indispensable to be in the mean time very ripped, have the proportions right, good form etc.

I have an unique metabolism, I simply cannot add much body fat on me, even if I eat alot (3000-4000kcal) and with some junk food :slight_smile: Is good that I can still add muscle.

Tattoo85, you're right, with large clothes on me I don't attract people views, but when I'm naked they tell me that I look great.

I'm happy that I've made those progresses, but yes, I want more and more, to be bigger and at least as ripped as I am now (the last thing ain't a problem :slight_smile: )


you did a great job, you should just take more kcal, much more!


Your idea of a lot of food is skewed. Especially with your metabolism as fast as it is. To be honest, to start really adding attributable mass you're going to need to up your calories well above that I'd imagine. Great progress, now time to eat more and get some size to ya.


Seriously good progress, especially from that first picture. Time to up the ante, ie time to eat. Allow me to introduce you to your secret weapon...


in moderation.

eat dammit.