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20 Year Old With Low T, Varicocele-Related

(I’d like to address that I’m 5ft 8, weighing around 12 stone with 13% body fat)

Hello, people. For the past 5 years I’ve been incredibly depressed because my penis stopped workings. I have very little sex drive and regularly feel fatigued, spaced out mind fogged an so forth. It all began when I noticed these “bag of worms” in my sack. I googled it at the age of 15, when my sex drive was higher and thought nothing of it. Couple of months later the symptoms then hit me.

I went to the doctors a couple of months back and had my bloods checked to see if I was lacking in any vitamins. Everything came back negative and I was pissed off. I wanted some answers and found nothing. More recently, I demanded to have my testosterone levels (after my varicocele was diagnosed) and found that my levels were 660ng/dl which even then I wasn’t happy with. Considering I’m healthy, don’t drink and exercise regularly. I decided to see whether or not I could increase my levels by eating more healthy fats, slimming up. The results shocked me. My testosterone levels had in fact plummeted down to 500ng/dl, which are the average levels of a fucking 60 year old man… This explained everything to me.

More recently, I’ve noticed that my testicles often change in size, sometimes they are stiffer and harder, whereas sometimes they are softer and smaller. Especially the left testicle as that’s where the varicocele is located.

I’ve been referred to a urologist by my GP and was told that It’d take up to another year before I am seen to. Not to mention the time that It’ll take for surgery schedules ect…

In the meantime, I’ve been looking into HCG as I’ve found out that injecting it allows for great leydig cell activation, which is responsible for the production of testosterone. I thought that this would be the safest option for me as it comes with less side effects, as appose to other testosterone replacement therapy, which can effect fertility and so forth.

I was also wondering if anyone here has had successful varicocele surgery and have had their levels improved after it?

Also, have your testicles grown?

Do you think it would be a bad idea for me to start taking HCG?

Do you think HCG would work even? Considering the varicocele raising the temperature of the testicle regardless?

They are still not sure exactly why a varicocele reduces testosterone production and hurts fertility (theories exist around metabolic waste and temperature). I had a varicocele removed a month and a half ago and they got me on Clomid a month and a half before my surgery and kept me on it for a month afterwards to speed up the regrowth process of the smaller testicle.

My testicles grew on Clomid and I haven’t noticed any differences since the varicocelectomy yet.

500 ng/dl is not really that bad but then again everyone is different. You may want to consider when you had the levels tested. If it was in the afternoon, these levels can be 30% lower than what you’d get first thing in the morning. 500 / 70% = 714 ng/dl. Basically, I think you need a lot more work up before you can throw all your problems on testosterone alone (Estradiol, Free Testosterone, TSH, Free T4, Free T3, RT3, TPO AB, TG AB).

Honestly, and I did this for the same reason, I’d go ahead and have the varicocele removed because they continue to cause most problems the older you get and the longer you have them. It may not fix your problems in the short-term but the repair of the varicocele can prevent further damage. A study of men with varying levels of varicocele showed a 150 ng/dl improvement without any other treatments if that helps.

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So I have bilateral grade 3 on the left and grade 2 on the right. You think it is worth getting them fixed???

What was the recovery time like???

Did you have signs of low T???

What was your recovery time??

does anyone else have input on this topic