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20 Year Old Taking MAG-10


hey guys, i recently bought some MAG-10 because of all the excellent feedback id read about it. im 20 years old and have been training for about 3-4 years now. would any of you reccommend me trying this supplement? i thought about givin it a shot for 2 weeks and seein how it goes. any feedback would be appreciated, thanx fellas


I believe most to all on this site would say ok to MAG-10. Make sure you have your t's crossed and i's dotted to take the greatest advantage. Have a solid workout and nutrition plan in place. Have Alpha Male ready for after the cycle.


It's not only the Alpha Male or whatever supplement he chooses to use (I'm test-driving Carbolin 19). It's the fact that he's going to have to stay hypercaloric for a bit once he's off to keep his gains. If I were him (I'm sort of in his spot after having done 3 weeks on 1-ad) I wouldn't consider cutting or eating below maintenance for 4-6 weeks.

Also eat a shitload while your on MAG-10 even if you have to incorporate some less "clean" foods into your diet to get the extra calories in. Your fat gain will be minimized and the strength and muscle gains will be well worth it.


HAHAHAHH I just realized something. You JUST bought MAG-10? Did you get it from a friend or GNC?
I'm thinking you got the MAG-10 Avenger which probably won't do much if anything for a 20 y/o unless you have low test levels. If that's the case I'd trade it in for a product that would be much more worthwhile for you...e.g. Surge or Spike.
Check the label and tell us the ingredients.


I wish you could still buy the stuff. I contemplated buying some and freezing it for use when I was "ready", but I more than likely would have gotten impatient and started using the stuff way to early on. Meaning, when the big MAG-10 Legacy sell off was going on, I had been lifting for about 4 months. I still probably don't need/want to use it, but I'm sure there would come a time.


Which is why I told him to have his t's crossed and i's dotted along with a sound nutritional plan to take advantage of the cycle.


We first need to know if he bought the REAL MAG-10 or the Avenger...




How are people still buying MAG-10? Can someone please tell me how to get some. By the time that I decided to try it, it was no longer available. Please tell me how to get some!


You can't get the real MAG-10 anymore. I think the closet you can get now is Superdrol. It's not being made anymore but a few places still have it possibly. I've never tried it though and can't comment on it's effectiveness other than a rather lengthy thread based on it....


nope, i got Destroyer! the guy i got it from explained to me when i decide to take it to eat a SHIT load and work my ass off in the gym. what kind of workout plans do you guys suggest... as of now im doin the ABBH I, should i keep doin that or maybe take up somethin else?


There are a COUPLE options.
Once upon a time when MAG-10 first came out TP and John Berardi put together a MAG-10 plan for success. Since Chad Waterbury has come around though that workout is slighlty outdated.

Here's my advice.
I would prime yourself for the MAG-10. Start off a slow bulking phase doing a good workout program..ABBH, Waterbury Method. Then go onto Quatrro Dynamo when you're doing the MAG-10.

Once you're done with QD take a week off for recovery and just do one light lifting session or two (just b/c I'm sure you'll want to test your new maxes) and some cardio. Afterwards move onto another programs. Chad Watebury reccomended the Art of Waterbury to me after the cylce but I wanted to do the Singles Club so I'm doing that now.

Oh did I mention that I've kept my strength gains so far?


hey sounds good man. i was wondering if i should just put a halt on my ABBH program for a few weeks... maybe to TBT during my MAG-10 cycle or somethin


Dude, you're 20 yr old. You don't need MAG-10.


Does anybody know where I can get some. Or better yet, does anyone want to sell me some?


I would be willing to bet that you don't even really know what compounds are in MAG-10.


no i know what compunds are in it, although im not 100% sure on what they both actually do and the complete list of side affects. from what i understand, the androstene is a pro-hormonal steroid. diethylcarbonate from what i understand helps absorb into the system more quickly and efficiently. please if i have that wrong correct me, thats just what i read.


there are two different androgens in there; 4-AD-EC and 1-AD-EC. 1-AD is a class 1 androgen meaning it binds tightly to the androgen receptor. It is also has a slight conversion to DHT. Once it's in the body it converts to 1-testosterone. 4-AD is a class 2 androgen meaning it does not bind tightly to the Androgen receptor. Some of it circulates in the body as 4-AD but it is also converted to regular testosterone.


Is MAG-10 "The Destroyer" the best version?


You should know that it is now classified as a controlled substance, so buying and selling it are illegal.

As for the best version, I believe that would be the Legacy edition. Here's the thread that discusses it: