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20 Year Old Needs Guidance

Hey everyone I’m a 20 year old that has been training for about 3 and a half years now. My question is basically this… Do i look physically matured enough to start a cycle?. I really enjoy the lifestyle and want to start competing shortly. I diet with IIFYM with carbs at 400, protein 160-200 and fat around 90. I know I’m not that big but i think i look pretty decent relative to my smaller structure. Ive hit a huge stump where even when i do increase intake all i gain is fat with very minimal muscle.

I would also like to add that i have pubertal gyno on one of my nipples and would like to run an anti gyno protocol while cycling because i really wanna shrink it. (It looks kinda hectic so I’m not showing it haha)

The gyno really bothers me and i want to see if i can shrink it with letro while cycling and cruise it off with nova. (this is one of the my main incentives for wanting to cycle)

My stats:
Started at: 125 lbs
5, 8 165 lbs i don’t know my bf % something around 12 id say?
Bench: 255
deadlift: 410
squat: 310 (I could go a bit more on the squat but i have back issues so its not worth risking)

Thanks for your time I appreciate any responses.