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20 Year Old Male, Very Low Test


well let me start off by saying that i a 20year old male with very low test my levels came back at 3.2 out of a scale of 8.0- twenty something. i beleive that my testosterone was lowered due to the fact that i was under weight and wasnt eating enough while doing TONS of cardio.

i have been bulking now and still feel my test is very low,i have added fats into my diet and eaiting alot more.i have put on about 20 lbs in 5 months but i feel alot of it is going to fat.i went to an ENDO a few weeks back and he told me to wait it out . he said that he might have to start me on HCG soon though,what do you guys think i should do


This is becoming more and more common... Starvation induced hypogonadism / exercise induced hypogonadism



probably could use a lot more blood tests to see where you have imbalances - per the blood test sticky. Then work on getting your other systems balanced BEFORE jumping into HRT. The other fixes could resolve your low T problem.


Yes....eat lots of healthy fats! Lift heavy weights! Don't just jump on trt. Do you want to give yourself shots for the next 60 years!?? (But first why don't you take a week off from all exercise, eat good healthy meals and relax!)


Alright so i went to an endo andi asked him to prescribe me clomid. i really hope this helps i want to feel normal again. i also want to be able to make normal gains and not struggle in the gym. any one know how Clomid works or how long until i see the affects?


yikes! that was a huge jump from point A to point Zr4.

you are jumping into a treatment plan when you don't have a clear picture of what is wrong with your system. I understand the desire for quick action and to get feeling better as soon as possible - I am the same way, and it took me two years of randomly trying things before I settled down and became more methodical. Without a complete picture of your system, your odds are not that great that treatment plan Zr4 will actually help. When you randomly take medications to hopefully help, you can actual end up in worse shape.

I don't know enough about Clomid to really be of any help. You can try searching the forums for restart Clomid as the bodybuilders have some protocols to use it to restart after a cycle.

Best of luck.


SHIT man iforgot to say that i have been doing tests for the last 8 months. my estrodol is normal tsh is normal everything but LH , FSH and test is normal. the doc prescribed me 50 mg a day im hoping that it helps i really want to feel normal again.


If you come here for help, don't feed us "normal". Please post lab results *** with ranges ***

That is what you should do.


Where are you located? Affects the options available to you.

Describe body and facial hair.
Did you grow fast as a teen or slow and steady?
If quite tall, other males in your family are tall or?
At what age did growth start and stop?
Rugged facial bone structure or smoother?
Any reduction in peripheral vision? Check both eyes.
What drugs [Rx and OTC] and supplements? Some do increase E which drives down T.
Any blows to the head or whiplash in time period proceeding your decline?
Any testicular aches or pain? Ever? During a fever?
Feeling cold when it does not make sense?
Changes to skin, nails, hair?
Do you use iodized salt?
Became easily irritated or short tempered? When did that start?
Less social or social avoidance?
Now sensitive to loud or sudden noise?
Low energy?
Some degree of passiveness has developed?

Clomid has severe estrogenic sides for some guys, libido may suffer and can also become very sentimental and weepy.

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