20 Year Old First Cycle

Hey all I started gyming consistently at 16 when I weighed 250 pounds/115kg with a high bf of 30%+. I am now 20 and i weigh 210 pounds/98kg , and started my first cycle intending on gaining mass and strength. Here’s my cycle .

super test 320mg shots twice a week weeks 1 - 10

Dbol weeks 1- 4 40 mg to 30mg

Proviron as my only anti estrogen 50mg ed weeks 1-12 . I have been taking fish oil tablets and liver support tablets as well.

Pct 54 days after last injection ( clomid 100mg ed days 1-7+ nolvadex 20mg ed days 8-38 hcg 500 iu every 2nd day, days 8-26 )

I am already 6 weeks into my cycle and all seems to be going well I just ask for hard words and advice on my cycle , and what I should do as a bridge , I was thinking of test prop and light anavar doses before pct. Thanks guys

what is your bodyfat %?

body fat is 15% at the moment