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20 Year Old Female


It'll be a year in June when I really got into the gym. I use to run a little here and there, played softball and ate like crap. So naturally, I had a decent amount of body fat. When I started in June, I was roughly 25% on a 7 pinch and now I'm right around 11-10% on a 7 pinch and still getting leaner.


Back pose June 2010


Side pose 2010


Feb. 2011 Abs

(sry for the repost)


Getting ready for a photo shoot

I'm gonna have better progress pictures taken hopefully this weekend


I went from roughly 125 lbs in June 2010 to 112 lbs at the moment. I know I need more work, where would you say I need the most?




Hoping to go figure some day or even bodybuilding in a couple years... I'm currently a bikini competitor for the NPC. Gonna be at the Arnold next weekend


I don't know anything about bikini, but if you plan to do figure or BB, you need a lot more muscle mass.

How are you training and what are you eating?


regardless what your goals are, i think you look great,tone and very sexy.


Right now, barely anything lol I'm on the "get shredded diet"

I know I need to put on mass... A good deal of it too lol I'm gonna be starting a new program after the Arnold. Not sure what its called but it'll deff. put some size on me.

Currently I'm in the gym 4 times a week. 2 lower days 2 upper with core training after every workout in prep for the Arnold :slight_smile:

Bikini is more of the tiny, classy girl class. Not alot of size, lean and pretty :slight_smile: Google it, you'll see some nice looking women who compete


This isn't SAMA.


I realize you're prepping for something now, and confidence is key, but for figure you're going to have to eat more a lot more and lift a lot more.

I'm not sure you're in the right place then http://figureathlete.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_model_body_women_training_beauty_figure_train?pageNo=1&s=readTopic

If you were a guy asking about competing right now, they'd rip you a new one. You threw some sexy shot in there though, so you'll be fine.


Let me specify a little better... With this new bodybuilding program my caloric intake will go up. It'll go from 1100 cal a day to around 1800. It'll put muscle on me (size) and I won't compete for probably close to a year, that way I can put the necessary size on to compete figure. Yes, I'm small and don't have much size that cause I'm a bikini athlete (duh) lol But I'm pretty lean for a woman and I do have decent definition.

Remember, I just started in the gym (hardcore) less than a year ago.


I did a search on here and got this http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/the_body_shop_vol_3 A google search just got me women in bikinis.

Based on that article, we need to see more of you. Can you post shots in what you'll be competing in?

Basing your upper body on that article (since that's all we can see) I think you need size. You already have a plan for that. So to answer your question, what you need the most is overall mass.

Don't get me wrong, you're pretty and there's nothing wrong with your body now, but to meet your goals that's what I think you need to work on.


You need muscle maturity to compete and look proper on stage. I takes at lease a year to start developing that maturity. I'm coming up on my one year mark. I'm strong for my small size, 105 bench press 215 squat, 155 front squat, 180 dead lift. It'll take me at lease 6 months to truely show proper size development.

My goal is to compete in the next year or two. I'm not training for that yet so don't rate me or compare me to that class. I'm currently a bikini athlete so rate me to their standards. Yes, judging is very bias in that category. I've seen it in every competition I've been in.

So on that note, I'll post pictures in my new suit tomorrow upon your request :slightly_smiling:


For what it's worth, I was comparing you to the bikini athlete standards outlined in that article. So I was rating you to those standards.

I would love to see videos of your lifts.


You don't look like you lift any weights. You really need to put on some mass.


Where are you getting these "6 months to show proper size development" and other stats from?
I started weight-training June 2010, so don't blame lack of mass on being a beginner. That's the best and easiest time to put on mass.


Yeah! Take that shit over to the T-Vixen thread!

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