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20 Year Old Cycle?


Hello everyone,
Was just curious to see what anyone would think about a 20 year old taking steroids for the first time.
I currently am about 5'8 185-190lbs. I've been lifting for 6 and half years.
I currently bench 405lb for 2, deadlift 515 for 1, and squat 455 for 1.
I eat well usually lean meat with a lot of carbs such as pasta, potatoes, and always a vegetable.
I was just wondering what everyone would think.




I would say it depends on your goals. Do you compete in powerlifting? Do you have aspirations of setting world records? Are you aware of all the negative things that can result from steroid use?

Those are really good numbers, particularly for your weight class and age. If that 405 for 2 bench is legit with a pause, then you're probably capable of something in the neighborhood of a 1400 total in the 181 class. Last time I checked, that would be a top 50 current total. And your bench press would be something like a top 10 bench in that weight class I believe. And I'm talking about for the open class. You would fair even better in the context of being a junior.

There are circumstances when I would say yes, a 20 year old has good enough reasons to take steroids. Your case may be one of those. If there's a legitimate chance that by taking steroids you could become the #1 current bench presser in your weight class, it would be hard for me to argue against that.

So all that being said, we can advise you on the best route to go if you provide us with more information.


well said.




there's no way in flying fuck that you can bench 405 if you are 5'9 190 lbs.


What's your reasoning here? It's a little over a 2x BW Bench Press which isn't absurd at all.

I'm with Flip on this one 100%.


Why not? Hell HeavyTriple on this board is aaround that height and walks around at 195 and has benched WELL over 405 with a pause in comp. Lamar Grant even smaller in weight and height has benched more hell Phillip Brewer at 165 benched 500 easy. I think some one is just slightly jealous.


are you shitting me? no 20 year old that's only 5'9 and 190 lbs can bench 405 more than once. show me a video or a link of any professional athlete at that age doing that, at those stats and I'll eat my shorts.
come to think of it. there's a powerlifter sponsored by animal called "the ant" dude is straight up tiny 5'4 i think. but he can deadlift 600-700 lbs.
ok, my mistake. but I still highly doubt it.

Ah yes Nooberific, cunning and complex as always in your answers I see. You are so fucking wise nooberific. BRILLIANT. you're the next fucking charles glass.


You never said anything at all at all about age being a factor your exact words were....

there's no way in flying fuck that you can bench 405 if you are 5'9 190 lbs.

No mention of age at all. At that height and weight there quite a few who have benched that and WAY more.


I'm an inch taller, 190, and I'm in the neighborhood of a 370 bench. If I didn't carry so much weight in my legs (my legs are stronger than this guy) I could definitely make it to 405, at 5'10.


I find it hard to believe that a 20 year old, natural, at that body weight, can bench 405, not once but twice.


this was back in early January.


well yes that is something that I would be interested in as that is one of my goals. I really don't no where I would start so I would definitely be interested in hearing what everyone would suggest for me.


10 - That's impressive congrats to you. I would make a post in Shadow Pro's thread along with the video and get his thoughts on this.

Also Flipcollars advice is excellent


You're very strong, so I'm going to be splitting hairs a bit here, but I think it's worth nothing, since you did say you are interested in powerlifting.

You benched 405 for 0 reps in that video. Your first rep was touch and go, not paused, and your ass came way off the bench. And you had help on the second rep. It's hard to tell from the video if you're actually strong enough to hit a real 405 bench press under competition conditions, but you're at least close enough to indicate that you've got some real potential. If I were you, I'd consider doing a drug tested meet now, because you'd be super competitive in one of those. Get some numbers in the books as a natural athlete, because that's something you can never go back to. Just a thought.

As to what you should do going forward as far as steroids go, I would give you the same advice I would give anyone. A test-only cycle, for 10-12 weeks, at 500-750mg per week. It would look like this:

weeks 1-12: Test E or Test C, injected twice weekly, for a total of 500-750mg/week

Anastrozole(Arimidex): taken every other day, at .25mg. Adjust dose if necessary if either high estrogen symptoms appear, or if bloodwork indicates high estrogen.

weeks 14-19: nolvadex (tamoxifen citrate) everyday, at 20mg/day. This is your pct.

optional: dbol at 25mg/day for the first 4 weeks. I did this, and really liked it. It's fast acting, and great for strength.