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20 Year Old, 6'1 190


Hey everyone, been a while since I've been on the boards. These are the photos i took for my entry in the bodybuilding.com summer shred 12 week competition. I train 6 days a week and have really focused on bringing up my chest and legs.

Sunday: Legs
Monday: Chest
Tuesday: Back
Wednesday: Legs
Thursday: Chest
Friday: Shoulders, bis, tris
Saturday: OFF

As far as a diet goes I've been using John Kiefer's carb backloading since last october with great success. From here im looking to bulk up to a lean 220 (in 9-12 months) and compete in my first show, sometime in the mid to late 2014 season.






Looking good man. I personally love CBL.

Height and weight?


6'1, 190


LOL Shit somehow missed the title.

What's a usual workout look like for you?

And maybe a bit more detail on your diet? Doing the Strength Accumulation version of CBL I assume?


Looking lean and mean bro.


My training is very dynamic, in that I never really do the same workout twice. I basically structure it so that I perform a heavy lift (bench, squat, dead, press) for a 1-5 rm. Pretty much have been rotating them in accordance with the 5/3/1 program. Then I'll hit another couple lifts in the 8-10 rep range and then finish up with pump work. I've been doing very high volume work, anywhere from 20-30 sets each day.

As for my diet here is an example:


Wake up around 10am

"Breakfast": around 12pm (2 hours after waking, 12 hours after my last meal)
-10 strips bacon, 3 eggs

"Lunch": around 3pm
-8oz of beef or chicken in a salad

Train at 4
Post workout shake: Whey isolate/casein mix w/ 10g leucine

"Dinner": ~12-16oz meat (ULC burger pizza is awesome!)

Before Bed: Protein shake or cottage cheese (~12am)

When I get hungry throughout the day I snack on some almond butter, protein shakes, or pork rinds.

Backload days are basically the exact same except I take in about 60g intraworkout carbs (vpx carbonx or gaspari glycofuse) and also add 20g of dextrose to my post workout shake. Then I have one large carb meal with dinner. This comes in the form of white rice, mashed potatoes, gluten free cookies (glutinos) w/ lactose free milk, fruity pebbles, etc. I keep my carbs to just one meal and have anywhere from 100-300 grams depending on how i look, what i trained, etc. I also now completely avoid gluten and have found that that small change has made a huge difference in my physique.

Average macros on ULC Day: 130g fat, 20g carbs, 350g protein
Average macros on Backload day: 110g fat, 200g carbs, 300g protein

From time to time I will also throw in a carbnite which is a complete free for all. Lots of donuts get eaten on those nights


Nice Job!!

You will fill out some more as time goes by. I wish I could knock down 10 strips bacon, 3 eggs without putting on the fat but you have age on your side. That body burns like a coal furnace, mine just smolders.


Thank you. Its the fat and protein sources (bacon and eggs) that keep insulin levels at bay and keeps the body in a constant fat burning state! Trust me, if i had any sort of carbs in my breakfast my abs would disappear!


Awesome dude, similar to what I did last year when I cut with it. You're also about the same height as me (same weight but you're much leaner).

Glad to see someone similar. You look great btw.


Calves are a weakness but you probably know this already. Otherwise looking good


Great condition and proportions from the front. Quads have nice detail/sweep too. Keep it up young gun.


Yeah calves are a huge weakness no doubt. High inserts suck but im gonna fill em out as best i can. Thanks for the input!


diazm! 20 years old. Crazy man. great job


killer physique man.....especially the legs...keep it up