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20 Year Old 12 Month Progress

12 months ago I had never really lifted a weight. As a kid I always played loads of sport; soccer, sport, rugby etc but not gym. After a breakup last january I started drinking like a fish and by april I had enough of being hungover 5 days out of 7. I started to lift. Soon enough this became my number 1 passion and I hardly ever missed a session.

My first 9 months I just stayed at the gym and watched the big guysm they were kind enough to help me out. By April this year I came across T nation and it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me (bar perhaps the time I found 150 bucks walking home)

My physique is no where near where I want it to be and I ask you to rate the progress. I still have hopefully many decades ahead of me and at 6ft 1, I hope to weigh atleast good 250-270.

I started off at 178 lbs, here is a pic at 208 lbs.

Note: i’m doing legs now two times a week to cover from the first 7 months that I didnt train them. Newbie error.

back at 178

back at 208 after a stint at 2000kcal diet.

(I went up to 214 but with a substantial fat gain so I went down to 204 before starting to clean bulk). Here i’m carb depleted.

Here’s “old me”.

I’m now at a 212 lbs and have increased 3/4 inch on arms from the previous 208lbs back picture.

Will try and get a few pics in later on today.

crap quality arm.

you’ll never make any real progress if you keep using split routines.

now stop coming to our AMERICAN forums and taking all the good ratings, ya damn foreigner.

well done.


231 years ago I wouldn’t have been so foreign matey. =)

Plus, I’m swiss. I’m neutral and keep your money. Plus, all the men in our country do military service and get a standard issue assault rifle given to them to keep at home their whole life. Oh, did I mention the two weeks military training every year you have to do following the initial 21 week course?

Our country rocks =)

thanks tho.

p.s. split routines are great =)

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Good job bro.

oh the support… =) cheers BOI haha,

for some reason, i like the quad progress pic best

Lol. :slight_smile: You’ve done good man.

[quote]swissrugby67 wrote:
oh the support… =) cheers BOI haha,[/quote]

Nice work. Its good to see someone actually lift and eat and make substantial progress. The “I eat like a horse but gain no weight” excuse was getting old. Good job again