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20 y/o Wanting to Start First Cycle


Hello! I am new to this community. I am 20 years old and want to begin my first cycle.

I have been lifting on and off for a few years. I just recently started taking it seriously. I am currently 20 y/o, 6ft 184 pounds. I’d say my BF % is somewhere between 15 and 20. My stats aren’t anything impressive, but here are my 5 rep maxes for compounds:

DL: 290 Squat: 280 Bench: 185

I am just worried about side effects like acne, gyno, etc. A few of my friends have been cycling and have had 0 side effects. I also don’t want to screw up my natural test levels and end up on TRT in the future. I am going into the doc’s office tomorrow to request bloodwork.

I have done a fair amount of research so far and have discussed this with a few friends. I know how to construct a maintain a proper diet/training regime. Here’s what I am currently looking to do:

Test-E 250mg/e3.5d for 16wks

250 mg HCG e3.5d for 16wks

Pharmacy grade aromasin 12.5mg/week for 16wks

PCT = Clomid 25/25/25/25/25/25/25/25

My GOAL is to reach my natural limit faster with the aid of Test-E. So, telling me to reach my natural limit BEFORE hopping on my first cycle would defeat the purpose of me cycling.


Also, is it possible to retain a lot of the gains on a Test-E only cycle?


Before I start I’ll go ahead and say that I currently take gear and have been for a while now. I take it because I have certain goals that I want to reach as a men’s physique competitor and hopefully a classic physique competitor by the end of next year.

First, you never really stated a clear cut goal or reason. Yea you said you want to reach your natural limit faster… Dude, you are 20 years old and you just got serious about lifting… Why rush it? How about you train your ass off and have a good diet for an extended amount of time before the thought of gear even crosses your mind. You still have a ton of time to grow and develop naturally. I have seen guys at 18 and 20 who get on gear and then their body turns into a complete mess later on. Give yourself time and grow the right way first…

I won’t dare sit here and tell you not to run gear because I love that shit. But in my opinion, it’s not right for you at this time and age.

Also, whats your diet like? No matter if you are on or off gear, shit diet gets shit results. You are 6ft tall which is about my height. My offseason weight is about 220 and my dry weight is about 175-180. I completely understand the struggle of being a taller guy and trying to put on muscle.

I’m not going to discuss what I think of your proposed cycle yet. Keep your diet and training consistent for at least a year, making necessary changes to both. Feel free to ask any question.

Good luck man


Well, I am not going to lie, I am impatient. If I can hold a strict diet and training regime, I see nothing wrong with hopping on a Test cycle to speed up the progress :stuck_out_tongue:

As for your friends, in what ways are their bodies messed up now if you don’t mind me asking?


16weeks test-e cycle is way too long
prepared your nolvax and ai in case you would need them
good luck


Skip the cycle and continue to lift dedicated at least 4 days a week, you don’t need gear what you need is to actually be dedicated to your goals and follow proper diet and training.

You have sub par lift numbers and body stats for someone that has been going to gym “on and off” for years, your body fat is way to high to even start the cycle.

You want some fast gains instead of committing to the work you have to put in as well as knowledge from proper diet and nutrition so you are coming on here and asking us to help you on your shitty planned out cycle.

You don’t have to be a professional power lifter or a professional body builder bashing out 400+ on all major lifts but considering your stats and what you wrote, you sound like an endomorph who goes to gym and messes around and now you want to take it serious so you wanna hop on the big boy juice.

Did i mention how crappy your cycle is planned out? Just skip the steroids kid and put in the work and within a year you will get to whatever goals you originally had.

Save yourself the money and time and wiener gains , and train naturally.


You need the discipline of moving heavier weights naturally, you just now benching bodyweight.
Sure you will get stronger but you will always need to be on to make gains.


Why are the newbies always so sure that they “already know” how to design diet and training regimes? There are guys on here that can squat and deadlift 2-3 times what you do that will readily admit they’re still learning.

If you “just recently started taking it seriously” and have the lifts of a junior varsity high school football player, what makes you so confident that you already have training and diet already figured out?

Oh, cripes.

It’s not just about “reaching your natural limit” but figuring out how to eat properly and train effectively. If you don’t take some time to learn and get those things right, chances are that you’ll probably make a little progress on your cycle, lose it when you come off, then decide steroids are the only way to make any gains.

@moosejuice0311 already gave you some great advice. Please re-read his post, then watch this video…

…did you watch that? Good. Now take whatever money you were going to spend on steroids, put it back in your wallet, go to the nearest grocery store or farmer’s market you can find, buy as much steak and chicken and rice as you can carry, start a training log here in the Training Log section, and come back to the Pharma section in three years when you’ve added a couple wheels to each of those 5RM’s.

If only @Reed sees this…


Dude… WTF

  1. You are 20 years old guy with worse lifting and physique stats than my girl friend. Literally she is 160lbs 3" inches shorter and at her last meet she squat:330, benched: 190, and deadlift:340… And she is a lower body fat than you and she doesn’t even train but twice a week and barely pays attention to nutrition…

  2. You do not need drugs. You need to learn to train, eat, and recover. If you aren’t willing to learn that then you need to hire a coach to guide you. You haven’t even started putting effort into your body and here you are wanting to do steroids so that you can hopefully out lift my girlfriend…

  3. You don’t take steroids to reach your natural limit… What in the fuck were you thinking when you wrote that… It doesn’t even almost make sense. You don’t even know what your limit is naturally. How will you know when to stop using gear? Then if some how you magically can find your natural limit and you stop using steroids you will become smaller and weaker than your natural limits and have to hop right back on.

  4. Steroids won’t do you any good at this point. If you can’t grow to atleast respectably intermediate levels of strength and muscle with out gear in your early 20s you won’t grow with gear either. On the off chance you do the second you get off gear you will return right back to the starting point if, not fall even further than where you were.

  5. Acne is the least of your worries. What about possible permanent shut down of your natural testosterone production… It’s rare but it happens and it is a lot worse to live with than a pimple.

  6. As I have said you DO NOT know how to construct and maintain a proper diet and training program. If you did we wouldn’t be in this conversation right now…

  7. Do what you want but if you need gear to progress at this point the only word to describe you is pathetic.

  8. Please commence with the name calling and telling me how mean and insensitive I am. It’s my favorite part. I highly suggest you follow @ActivitiesGuy advice and save you money for some much needed food. I am an “elite” (what ever the hell that means) powerlifter and have been training my self and others for going on 10 years now and I can promise you I have NEVER said I know everything. I am learning every year and even after the decent success I have had I my self for the first time a year ago hired a coach and my eyes have been opened 1000x over. You don’t know squat and this is me being very conservative and nice.


This guy thinks he going to do a cycle and be JJ Watts in a couple months.
I lift at commercial gym these guys are a dime a dozen, and when they go off they dont even trsin.
Probably never done a 20 rep squat program.
Thinks cable crossovers are a base exercise.


No name calling from me. You’re right. I already went out and bought a 6packbag (So no excuses to cheat while I’m out and about), and am cooking in bulk. I was just feeling pressured from some of my friends, I suppose.

While you’re here, what do you think of Lyle’s Generic Bulking program? I just started the routine.


[quote=“foxace36, post:1, topic:224380”] I am
currently 20 y/o, 6ft 184 pounds. I’d say my BF % is somewhere between 15 and 20.

You weigh 83.5kgs and have 15 - 20% bf. Assuming the worst and in my experience it will be probably 5% higher than hour worst estimate, you have 20% bf. That equates to 16.7kgs of bf. I am 135kgs and carry 9% which equates to 12.15kgs bf.

You are correct to be worried about gyno. Absolutely. The excess bf you have combined with the extra test and aromatisation is potentially going to leave you in a great position to start a new career as a wet nurse.

Follow to advice given by others: train hard, get your diet and training on point and stop bullshitting to yourself. Roids aren’t a magic pill that requires no end user effort. In my experience they require far more dedication, effort, and commitment than you could ever imagine. I love them, but I also only use them when I am able to dedicate myself to training and eating correctly. So I may have several yrs between cycles because that is how my commitments pan out.

Oh and go get a trainer. I did for the first time in a 25yr lifting career back in August and am now stronger, leaner, fitter and faster than I was at 21 playing first grade rugby.


A routine off this site like this below would be far better…