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20 Y/O, Want to Try First Test E Cycle, Need Advice

Hi, I’m 20 years old and I’ve been training for 4 and half years I’m currently at 78kgs and 172cm at around 12% body fat.
I can benchpress up to 170 kgs when my joints allow me to usually I’m going up to 160.
I would like to run my first Test E cycle and see what it feels like to go to the other side.
I’m going for 500mg/week but now I would like to now what would you advice me for PCT, and balls shrink/gyno/acnee prevention ?


Not sure you are aware that responses are required to be 20 characters, so…Read!

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The amount of people who post a proposed cycle thread asking about PCT etc is rediculous…

All the information is on this forum after a quick search.

Put together a basic cycle, include hcg smd an ai on cycle with a serm pct.

The post your plan to get some decent advice.

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Ok so I made up something but again I would like to know if there is anything I can do to make it safer
Week 1-12 Test E 500 mg 250 E3D
PCT 8 days after last injection Nolvadex Week 1-2 40mg ED Week 3-4 20mg ED
What should I do with the HCG to totally prevent balls shrinking ?
and what kind of test’s brand would you recommend me between alpha pharma and genesis I don’t really understand the difference of price between those to product thanks

Keep reading bro, if you want it, you can figure it out. There is plenty of info out there.

I already saw some PCT I just want some advices from someone that can tell me what can be the safer ?

On cycle:

HCG @ 250iu 3 times epr week

Adex @ 0.5mg eod


Continue Adex

Nolvadex at 20mg ed for 8 weeks

Not sure what this means? Do you mean 500mg/mL of Test in your injectible? If so, that is incredibly concentrated. Or do you mean 250mg/mL every 3 days?

Also there are a lot of UGL Test out there that are not “Brand Name”. Are you ordering your gear online where John Law can watch you? Not a good idea, little brother!

yeah Test 250mlg/ml every 3 days I was thinking of going online i don’t know if it woulf be a wise idea to go to the doctor and ask for it i really don’t know i want some good quality though I don’t want to put bullshit in my body but i think everyone thinks like that

there’s a lot of disagreement on PCT out there. I can understand asking questions about that. It’s only been in the last couple years that headway has been made on this site in that regard.

I don’t know why the products are priced differently, but I doubt one is better than the other. The only thing that is relevant is the mg/ml. If that is the same, flip a coin between the two brands. When you just buy test, it’s not going to be fake, and it’s usually dosed close to what the label indicates.

I was responding to the Hcg. I see a lot of guys come on here and just try to pimp information, asking for it to be handed to them rather than working to figure it out on their own and then to float that idea for feedback. Perfectly fine with someone saying they’ve read about two protocols and think one is better and asking if that sounds right for them. Not okay with saying, hey, what cycle should I run. I see this in many threads, stuff like, Hey Bros, wanna get jacked. What program should I run for lifting and what juice should I take to get huge? If it’s worth having, it’s worth working for.

Thank you for all you replies guys it’s time to get on :smiley: !

You need to do your research and check out other forums where there are verified domestic sources. There is some top notch gear out there. I know because i use it. You should also consider setting up a secure email account and only do your business via that account. Online purchases are just too easy to track.

do you do anything besides sit on these forums and not answer peoples questions? I know you are young, but get a life

Ive got a fuckin great life pal, thanks for the concern tho.

mopar: this is a quote from Andy IN THIS THREAD. What are you even talking about? That’s a pretty direct answer.