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20 Y/O Test E Results So Far


So I’m new to these forums and am 20 years old.

Anyway I use to lift few year ago and got to 165lbs from 130 naturaly.

Iv recently gotten back into the gym about couple of months ago.
I lifted for about just over a month naturaly starting at 150lbs,5ft9, 3500kcal-4000kcal a day to trigger muscle memory.

By the end of just over a month I was 165lbs.

I then started a test E cycle at 600mg a week pinning on Fridays and a Tuesday with a kickstarter of 3 weeks 30mg dbol a day. I’m currently on my 5th week of test. I cut the dbol short because it was making me feel not hungry and sick in the mornings.

Anyway I’m currently 181lbs here is a picture of a comparison of the progression so far. Let me know your thoughts so far


Nice phone upgrade


Phone gainz


Are these real results though? If so good job brother


These are real, obviously with the help of juice as well


That’s awesome man I just took my day 1 pic - I hope everyone is
impressedwith my results