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20 Y/O mk677 Advice

Not exactly looking at it for strength and mass but I want to hear your guys’ thoughts.

I’d like to grow, like in size everywhere (not muscle), I don’t mind increased size downstairs, I don’t know if I’m totally done with puberty so I’d also like another half inch or an inch to my height (5’7.5) and something mild to help recovery with lifting, although I can do that fine since I’m not very strong yet.

Bone circumference is what I’m after too, I have a very small frame.

So what do you guys know that i don’t know about mk677. It doesn’t affect my HPTA so i don’t need to worry about pct, but how will my body deal with my growth hormone levels after i stop taking it? Could it make me look goofy as hell with huge hands and thats it?

thank you. Just looking for something mild to just become bigger in general and more masculine since puberty didn’t do that for me so far. Late bloomer

My ffmi is 20.5 if you care.

it seems perfect to take advantage of my few months of puberty that i have left. it doesn’t look dangerous to me or anything, just looks mild and good for my situation.

How about you learn to eat. And train.

Because neither of those have any effect on how wide my bones grow and my height? Did you even read what i said?

Eating has an effect maybe if i was eating 200 calories a day but im eating 2600… who said they’re starving and not recovering? not me.

This echoes my reasons clearly. Educate yourself on both matters.

My bad your 20!!! Yo bro you know more then me why the he’ll did you even ask for any opinions, you got this man, do you brah.

Anyone else no need to chime in he’s got it covered. He knows his diet and training are on point at 20.

Are you retarded?

You’re having a schizophrenic episode or some shit LMFAO.

Norse, in this case the kid is completely right, diet and training have nothing to do with your height or how tall you grow (well might make you shorter if you do heavy compound movements as a 5 year old).

That being said, mk677 won’t make you taller. The therapies for clinically short stature involve GH doses that would give some body builders pause (up to 15 iu) and are generally administered much younger than twenty. At your age even real GH is unlikely to do anything, unless you get imaging or x-rays done to verify your plates are still open. So yeah mk677 is a great recovery supplement, but it’s not going to make you taller

Thank you, and wow that’s a lot of GH holy shit. ill take it and see what health benefits i get, it just looks like something that is overall good for ur health and athleticism over time.

If anyone wants i can start a log

I have ran MK677 a few years back! I wouldn’t say its as strong as 4iu hgh like some people say, maybe 2iu though?

It was definitely noticeable, much better sleeps, appetite, sex drive, and feeling of well being. I also got slight bloat but that went away as my body got used to it!

Stick with the recommended dose, I don’t remember what it is, maybe 25mg or something… It’s not more effective to increase beyond the normal dose!

I definitely recommend using it for the cheap price, it’s much cheaper than running 2iu pharma hgh that’s for sure and probably close to as effective!

I don’t know what your going on about growing huge hands on mk677, that is DEFINITELY not something you need to worry about!

Took my first dose

Quite a weird feeling so i don’t feel like typing this but i will anyway.

dosed about 25mg an hour ago and im starting to feel like a wet noodle. slightly tired. almost a drunk feeling without the cognitive changes. not very hungry, not any more than i usually am.

lol rereading this im laughing so hard “dont feel like typing this but i will anyway” and i proceeded to type 1 sentence LOL.

It’s just placebo built up in your head mate.

Give it a week or so you will see great results in how you feel, sleep, skin, hair, nails, hunger, libido, etc. You will likely not really see muscle gains much if any but it will keep you lean and full muscle bellies (wont get nearly as flat when cutting)