20 Y/O Got Bloodwork Done

20 years old
5 foot 9
175 pounds
body fat 24%
been on zoloft for 1 year for social anxiety
had gyno but had surgery to get it removed 6 months ago went good

symptoms: sleep long, no energy, erectile dysfunction (possibly from zoloft), no motivation, lazy, cant focus, try to work out for 2-3 weeks then stop (always happens), always tired even when sleeping enough

Got my blood work done and got results back today

Whoever ran these labs has no clue what their doing, these labs are incomplete. You can normal testosterone levels and still have low free T usually caused by high SHBG. We can’t tell you much without these tests. Zoloft made me completely sexless and destroyed my erections, it can make you not care about sex. Most SSRI’s cause sexual side effects.

Missing labs
LH and FSH
FT or bio-T