20 y/o, Blood Test Results

Hi everyone!

I am 20 183cm 74kg Male that has always been underweight, over two years I have tried bulking with little success. Gained weight (started 63kg)
but always gained a lot fat, everyone looks like have easier than me bulking.

I have always had suspicion of something hormonally going wrong because libido is very intermitent, little interest in sex, anxious socially, small frame, developed gyno in early puberty and have tendency to have fat in chest and love handles even when cutting.

Anyway i did a blood test on my own, but now i am confused of the results that i got:

FSH: 2.15 mUI/ml (1-12)
LH: 3.3 mUI/ml (1-7)
Prolactin: 1.8 ngr/ml [ 2.50 - 16.00 ] (freaking low???!)
Total Test: 3.92 ng/ml [ 1.66 - 8.20 ]
Free Test: 11.5 pg/ml [ 6.60 - 42.50 ]
SHBG: 17.0 nmol/L [ 12.00 - 75.00 ] (very low)

so free test correlates with SHBG, based on my research it seems I have some insulin resistance and fatty liver.
I need some guidance in what to do next with these results i have thought on using metformin


T is low and SHBG is also low, some just have genetically low SHBG. Another cause for low SHBG is low thyroid function, need a full thyroid panel checking TSH, fT3, rT3, T4 and antibodies. fT3 is the active thyroid hormone, if anything you could be hyperthyroid do to being underweight.

If genetically low SHBG TRT will be a challenge and could take awhile to get dialed in. Since you had problems early in the game I’m betting on genetically low SHBG. Prolactin is a problem, low libido and sexual function are as a result. Your pituitary gland is underactive.

Where is E2 sensitive labs? E2 dominance could explains gyno early on.

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