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20 Y/O Army Vet Needing Advice


I just signed up as a new member today. I am being medically discharged from the Army because of a severely broken ankle almost two years ago. The doctors tell me it will never fully heal and I'll probably never run again. I put on about 40 lbs after the accident, and I'm having trouble getting rid of it because of my ankle and lack of running. I also have a pretty bad case of gynecomastia. I've had it my whole life, but it got worse with the weight gain.

I've always been chubby, and I'm sick of having breasts... I'm willing to try just about anything to get the results i crave. My ideal physique would be something similar to Mickey Rourke in "The Wrestler".

Any and all advice or comments are very much appreciated.


Are you able to swim? - If so that would be my best bet, in form of cardio.

Second: Make a diet plan. So you don't exceed your macros.

Thrid: Your gyno is most likely genetic, and will have to be surgically removed. I don't know how it works in your country. But here, you can say that it gives you psychological issues in form of anxiousness around other people and general shyness, which disturbs your possibilities in finding jobs and being social. Saying stuff like that will give a discount on surgeries like this.

Good luck :slightly_smiling:

PS: Did your ankle ever get surgically repaired?


It's still a little too cold to try to swim here in the U.S. right now. Last year it was still too sore and swollen to swim.

Where can I find a diet plan to help me get the results I'm looking for? Lose weight, gain muscle, tone, etc. I'm also looking to get into boxing if my ankle will allow it, if that makes any kind of difference about the diet.

I've talked with my doctor about surgery before, but he said the recovery process will take around 6 months to fully heal. I'm seriously considering it, but I've heard there are certain steroid injections directly into the tissue that can counteract the gyno, or prescription pills I can take. (The pills could cause low libido, though.)

And finally, no I never had surgery on my ankle. The doctor said she didn't have much to work with since it was crushed so badly, and it was best to let it heal naturally with the help of physical therapy. I've talked to her recently and she told me there's a 50/50 chance that it could help the pain or make it worse, but it wouldn't help performance at all.

Thanks for the help.


You can find various tools on the internet where you can type in different foods you eat during the day, and ultimately see how many calories that is, etc.

A personal trainer can make such a plan for you, but that is quite expensive imo, especially considering how much of a job that is.

I think it's best if you try it out yourself, see what works for you.

On that note, boxing training, for that matter would require of you to eat more, because of the amount of cardio.

You can calculate the amount of calories you need per day to maintain weight, when you find that number you subtract 300-1000 calories depending on your fat percentage. obviously the fatter you are, the more you want to subtract. Remember adjusting your calorie intake every time you lose 5-10lbs or so. these calculators can be found online.


How can I reduce my caloric intake while eating more because of the boxing?

Or would it be better to lose the weight first, then start serious training? I've considered the "60 day juice fast" for weight loss, but it doesn't quite cut it for building muscle and strength...

I would like to find and start a serious workout routine ASAP, but I want to do it the smart way.


I thought of a few extra details that I wanna put out there...

  • I'm to the point where I'm willing to try anything (including anabolics and prohormones, which I know NOTHING about)... I've been reading about letrozole, nolvadex, and transdermal formestane to try to combat the gyno. (formestane is my top choice so far.)

  • I'm also interested in a possible stack, but I'm new to all of this and everyone on here uses shorthand that I don't understand. What would be a good stack with formestane?

Thanks again.


An ankle injury is hardly going to hold you back at all. If you love running then fine you have to stop running but since when was running the best way to get into shape?

You need to get into a good weight training program and start eating properly. Get on a hypertrophy program and you will build muscle whilst lose fat. As for toning there is no such thing. Muscles either grow or they don't.

You aren't fat because you can't run, you are fat because you eat a lot of crap. If you want to lose fat then stop eating and drinking crap.

Forget about ridiculous diets that no one ever sticks to and actually start eating healthy foods. Cut all sugary foods and the fat will start falling off immediately. Cut out all the junk food and watch your body change it's shape.

Get on a macro calculator and track your current base level. Now lower that level. Take photos and weigh ins every week. If no change lower again. Keep your protein at around 2.5 grams of protein to 1 kilogram of bodyweight. Lower the carbs or fats to hit the target number of calories.

Losing fat is just a matter of discipline.


Not possible to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time unless you're on roids(and pretty new in the game) - Or a complete beginner.

@OP - Okay let's say u have a maintance calorie intake of 3000 cals. WITHOUT boxing training.
If you start boxing training your maintance calorie intake will probably be 3300 or 3500 cals.

It's not adviceable to let your weight drop more than 2 lbs per week.

Meaning: WITHOUT boxing training, your calorie intake should be 2400-2500.
WITH boxing training it should be 2700-3000 depending on which degree you train, if 5 times a week, you should eat more than if you boxed 3 times a week, etc.

  • Steroids probably won't help you. Your gyno could be cause of high oestrogene levels, and if you went on roids, oestrogen rises ( as well as testosterone of course) - That is why people have oestrogene blockers when they're on roids = To not get gynos and shit.

TBH - A gyno surgery doesn't have 6 months of recovery. They open up, remove tissue, close the wound. I'm not a doctor but this is a very simple procedure.


For gyno...


For weight loss...


Are you willing/Can you train legs? -(still have plenty of options if can't)


Are you able to ride a bicycle? It takes a lot more work than running to produce the same amount of results, but any kind of cardio is going to help. Not to mention there is no impact on your ankle while pedaling a bicycle.

I have dealt with many injuries myself. Including one encounter with a drunk driver that left the whole left side of my body mangled. The doctor said I would probably never walk right again, let alone run. I was pretty determined to heal, and in good shape while the injury ocurred. I healed up alright with the help for 3 plates, and 11 screws. I walk just fine, running is something I can't do to well if I want to walk the next day since I have no cartiliage left in my knees.

This happened when I was about your age. I am 27 now, and pretty much had enough of dealing with the loss of lean mass and gain of fat. I went from 6' 275lbs wearing a 36" waist pant. To 6' 380lbs wearing a 44" waist pant. I started riding a stationary bike one a day and had one of my former wrestling teammates who is a nutrionist help me plan a diet for my needs. I started in January and It's June and I am already down to 337lbs. Not to mention I am lifting, and pushing a lot of weight around.

Good luck with this, and don't lose focus. Thank you for your service, and God bless....


Andreas, that's so typical european :slight_smile: That's not how it works in America lmao. I had my ears pinned back(free plastic surgery) using that whole "psychological discomfort" reason, when I lived in Sweden.


Europe in a nutshell. And yeah, I just wasn't quite sure where he was from.


Sorry for not replying for so long.. I had some personal things come up and was distracted...

@RampantBadger - I can do some leg exercises, but no squats or anything that puts a strain on my ankle. The doctors say it's technically "permantently broken." Which basically means it was crushed so badly that it will never fully heal correctly.

@Jake86 - Yes, I can still ride a bike. And mine was actually caused by a drunk driver too. They couldn't do surgery on mine, though, because there was nothing left intact to screw the plates to... I am determined to heal too, and I push myself a little everyday, but it seems like I may have plateaued because all it has done lately is cause more pain the next day... Is your nutritionist friend a member of T-Nation? If so, would he be willing to help me come up with a diet plan as well?

Thanks everyone for all your help so far.


This article outlines a simple approach to healthy eating:



Whats your training been like these last 2 months, have you lost any weight?