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20 Y/O, 5’7, 145lbs, 27-28 Inch Waist

Hey guys, I’m 4 years into training and just about to start my first cycle.

Been doing full body training for 2 years but going into a strength focused legs/push/pull split to get stronger on the compounds and track my numbers more efficiently.

Don’t have a lot of leg shots but they have decent definition but not as big as they should be… (No, i don’t skip legs…)

Would love some feedback on my physique in general, no competition plans just want some guidelines on what i should work on.


I’m just gonna go out on a limb and say you need to work on taking better pics? The angles are weird and the lighting is bad.


Will do, thanks.

errr forget steroids for quite some time and run through programs off the Tnation part of the site -can easily put on another 20lbs+ at your age no gear needed.
This a good start…


Thanks for the tip. Thing is I’m pinning tomorrow, already bought the stuff… So with me luck lol! I appreciate the compliment.

Found some more photos but only the one with the blue tank is up to date. The other’s are like 2 years old.

So you’re 20 years old and doing a cycle? I guess you have read all the advice on this site about waiting till you’re at least 25 but you decided to disregard all the wisdom of many people on this site who know what they are talking about? Ok, cool, it’s your life. So what does your cycle and pct look like?


Been training for a few years and been researching for the past 6months.

Already have a kid so don’t worry about fertility, will use it to evelate my life in terms of building up my business and creating the physique that i pursue.

Going to run test e for 10 weeks at 250mg/w and 150mg/w of npp along with some proviron to keep my libido healthy and water retention away. Gonna wait til the test kicks in before i run the npp and proviron. Also got some nolvadex on the side in case my estrogen receptors fluctuate.

Wish me luck!

I think it’s not much determined by age but more so on maturity and responsability. Test levels play a part as well of course but on the flip side it’ll most likely be a quick recover if i decide to go off…

Not doing this to show off or to prove anything. But more so go develop my character into something more. I am aware of the side effects and take responsability for what can occur.

Why use nandrolone… One of the hardest to recover from both in terms of endocrine and neurology… On first cycle?


I use npp because it’s a quick ester that does not stay in the body for long as with deca. But we’re talking smaller doses since test itself won’t do much (250mg).

I asked you about pct and your answer was kinda vague, something about if you come off. So at 20 you are contemplating being on self induced trt for the rest of your life? If not, what does you pct breakdown look like?

I will take the ai in case I get high estrogen. But yes, blast and cruise is what I’m going for.

Unreal is correct in advising you against Nandrolone. The hormone itself can cause irreparable changes to your neurology/endocrine system. You are risking your libido and erections potentially for life. No offense, but after 4 years of training you need to learn to eat to make gains. You will never get anywhere until you dial in proper nutrition, calorie intake. You should be able to gain 20lbs minimum without any gear (Including Testosterone).


Thanks for the info, but with this cycle I’ve make sured to secure the nutrition. Also i don’t think 150mg/w is gonna shut down my fertility since the bodybuilders in the 70’s were doing 800+ per week of deca.

My post was more towards my physique and not my cycle.

Have a good one man!

Incorrect buddy, its generally accepted the majority of the 70s guys would get in great shape on like 300-500mg of gear total and that was mainly in the run up to competition.

Anyway back on topic,… leg shots? +what do you squat and bench?


Are you saying that 150mg of npp is a harmful dose? Haha…

Yeah i just went over to strength, it’s been like 2 years. 140kg squat, 175kg deadlift and 110kg bench but slowly working myself up!

I want to focus on the squat a lot since it’s a good exercise for rebuilding my cns…

The dose is not the issue. Using any dose of Nandrolone could potentially alter your Neutrotransmitters, HPTA function in a way Testosterone does not. It isn’t fertility that is the issue, but the actual function of your penis and libido (Libido is primarily in the brain and most guys end up with dysfunction for years after Nandrolone use).

For your size, Testosterone only is all you need. 250mg is plenty. Again, you need to learn how to gain weight without relying on AAS. You will simply lose it all when you come off. I’m not trying to be rude, but telling you the truth.


150mg of npp may not shut down fertility but are you ok with having a limp noodle ? Deca dick is real.

It’s only for 6-7 weeks…
Are you saying that deca dick is permanent?

If not then i guess a low dose of proviron will help me in cycle?

Also for your note, these upcoming few weeks are meant to be a blast, not cruise. I will never cruise on anything else than a low dose test.