20 Weeks Out From First PL Meet

Hey guys, you seem to be extremely helpful and knowledgable so hopefully you won’t mind helping me out on my run up to my first PL meet…

The meet is 20 weeks from today, I’m competing unequipped (just belt…) and drug free.

I’m 5’11, weigh 190-200lbs, bf%… not ripped, but not too sloppy (i don’t care that much)

My lifts as of now…
Squat: 120kg for 5 reps
Bench: 102.5kg for 2 reps
Deadlift: 170kg for 2 reps (with a smooth bar, i think a 180kg single was there…)

My goals are…
Squat: 180kg
Bench: 115/120kg
Deadlift: 210kg

I don’t know how realistic they are but if I total 495kg i qualify to compete in the WDFPF world champs in Ireland next november, so that’s my pretty lofty goal.

I’m currently recovering from a small back injury and should be firing on all cyclinders in 4-6 weeks.

So for the 2-4 weeks in between i think i’ll just go 5x5.

I’m looking at going on a 12 week pre-contest cycle starting in January.

For Bench i think i’m going…
Warm up, work up to a 2rm, increase it by 2.5kg weekly,
Then go back to 3x5
Dumbell bench press: 10, 8, 6reps pyramiding the weight up
Flys: 2 sets of 10/12 reps.

I’m undecided about what to do for my squat.

As of now i’m following a fairly high rep work scheme (cos of my back), for example today i did Front Squats 6x10 with 70kg… and RDL’s 6x10 with 70kg, followed by some leg presses and 3x15 Pull Throughs.

So my questions are…

  1. How realistic is my goal?
  2. What do you think of my current ideas as regards Bench and DL?
  3. What assistance work should i be doing for tri’s and shoulders?
  4. Any suggestions for the squat??

No dobut I’ve left out some crucial piece of information so don’t bite my head off looking for it please :wink:

I would really appreciate any help that anyone could give, so thanks in advance.


Sorry left out deadlift, It’s an old Ed Coan routine, i’ll post the full details later.

Get rid of flyes. The best lifts for the powerlifts are the powerlifts.

This last training cycle I squatted 3 x per week, benched 3 x per week, and deadlifted 3 x per week.

Squat Heavy
Bench Light
Deadlift Moderate

Bench Heavy
Squat Moderate
Deadlift Light

Deadlift Heavy
Bench Moderate
Squat Light

Military press
Triceps (skull crushers or cable press downs)
Biceps curls
Rotator cuff

You can change this to an ‘off-season’ template by substituting the powerlifts with ‘equivalent’ exercises to train weaknesses. I.e. on heavy bench day do heavy close grips. You can also alternate between conventional and sumo deadlifts. You can sub deadlift from blocks, etc. When it gets closer to contest you want to work more on the powerlifts.


Hanley where are you from, my name is kieran dolan and I will be involved in organising the worlds in cork next year. If you want to email me personally I’ll be glad to help you with your training as it would go beyond th scope of the thread. Hope to see you in cork in a years time.