20 Weeks into TRT, High E2 and PRL

Hello guys - I’,m on 100 mg of T.Enant. (2x50 e3,5d). I also take proviron -25mg daily and bromocriptine (0,625mg daily which is 1/4 of pill) I’ve done tests and it appears that my PRL and E2 went high (even while being on HCG monotherapy my results weren’t that high). Link to results

Next week I have doc appointment (it will be my 4th doc god damn it) bu just want to ask You for opinion


PS - How about TSH?

Your e2 isn’t that high. You’re not taking an AI, so it’s not unexpected that you have elevated e2 while taking exogenous testosterone. No clue why prolactin is high. Perhaps doc number four can explain why. How do you feel?

Thanks mate
I definitely felt better during week 10 and few next :slight_smile:
Now I have this strange sensation “on top of my head”, my overall mood is worse and I have lower libido. Yet, still much better than before trt when I’ve been barely able to deal with my everyday life tasks :slight_smile:
I think that high prolactin isn’t that strange to be elevated during trt and I really hope my doc will help me.

dopamine acts opposite to PRL and lowers it.
testosterone boosts dopamine levels, therefore TRT is rather expected to decrease PRL levels.

how about your pre-TRT prolactin levels?

Before trt my prolactine was 246 µU/ml then in week 7 of trt 424,6 and then 341,7