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20 Weeks Done, What Now?

Just finished a 20 week cycle. Started off planning for 12 then 16 and finally went 20 because it just kept getting better.

I figure at 20 it’s probably time to pull the plug although honestly I don’t have any side effects, hair loss, acne or gyno.

The cycle changed a bit throughout but ultimately this is what’s I ran

1-6 - Sust 400 a week pinned EoD
7-8 - Sust 500 a week pinned EoD
9-20 -Test C 500 a week , Mon/Thur
12-16 - Var 50mg a day (split Am/Pm)
17-20 Var 100mg a day (split am/pm)
1-20 - 4.5 IU HGH a day in the AM

As far as Adex, it took awhile to get my estrogen in check but finished by taking 2mg a week and that put me in the zone. I did notice a great change in overall feeling, libido and energy when my E2 got into the proper range. Also I would take Cialis in the beginning for boner help but when my E2 got into range I was a walking hard on and haven’t needed it.

The Var gave me some massive and horrible cramping once I climbed over the 50 per day mark. Sometimes it was down right drop you to your knees brutal. I tried everything I could to combat this and ultimately found increasing carbs was the only way to help it. Not prevent it. I know this isn’t normal for everyone but it was for me.

The HGH makes my hands numb at night, and my feet will swell if I eat too much salt or drink alcohol. Quite honestly I think the HGH and the Var have way more sides than just the Test. Although I’m probably wrong.

My diet was “pretty” locked although I do Keto as a matter of choice. My body feels and performs better when I’m not full of shit and sugars. I consumed roughly 300 grams a protein a day. One third to sometimes one half of that from shakes.

Anyway all said and done I got pretty cut up, packed on a ton of muscle and generally feel it was an awesome experience. I know to the ire of some of the hardcore I could have probably trained harder, ate better and drank less but my choice to make, good, bad, or otherwise.

So here is where my question comes. The main reason I started this was I found out I’m going to be a TRT/HRT warrior for life as being 40 is well being 40. So as my TRT dosages of Test start to kick in in the next few weeks, how long before I “blast” again? The way I feel today I would be happy running 500 a week forever and my most recent bloodwork actually improved from before cycle. Also any idea what to expect when my 500 a week dose drops to 150-200 a week?

When to blast again is a question you have to answer. Especially being on trt.

There are numerous things to consider.

You have some people who say no more then 2 blast a year then others who perma blast and switch up compounds every few months.

The first group claiming you have to let your androgen receptors replenish.

The second group claiming that’s bullshit because when using androgenic gear your constantly up regulating the production of androgen receports.

Then there is the consideration of what compounds your using. A lot of the perma blast or guys who blast most of the year don’t run super high test they might stick to trt dose and blast other compounds so depending on the harmful effects of those compounds you have to weigh risk/rewards.

The choice is yours as long as you understand all the risk my personal opinion is I don’t want to be juggling multiple compounds year long but I’m open to running multiple cycles or a couple long cycles (20 weeks)

Thanks for the reply, appreciate the time and depth of it.

I’m thinking about taking 8-12 weeks off then running it back again in similar fashion. My only issue has been some right elbow tendinitis that’s noticeably stunted the growth and symmetry of the bicep.

Is there any point to toss in HCG for testicular atrophy? I’m fixed anyway and done with kids but aesthetically want my grapes to not be raisins.

My elbows are pretty jacked up. My joints in general suck. My only suggestion is lift lighter you don’t need to lift cray heavy especially when using gear.

You sorta answered your own question.

IMO I think using hcg for aesthetic reasons is the dumbest thing ever. But I also don’t care if my nuts are the size of almonds. My sack is still the same size and my wife doesn’t particularly have a nut fetish so I literally don’t think about it.

Now if big plump nuts is something that you need to keep for whatever reason or something your significant other enjoys and insist on (I understand some woman like nuts) then by all means HCG away!

Hilarious dude…

I know there is a million blast and cruise threads but I don’t often read about someone who just comes out and says “yeah I run 500+ Test a week for the last couple years”

The question is not how often you can blast, but rather how can you blast less and get more over the long term. Will blasting too much at 40 make it more difficult to do so when you’re 45? Will you be in a constant state of adding too much size on blast, losing it when cruising, then back again? Over the long term it’s not healthy to constantly be in a supraphysiological state, but will two 12 week blasts really hurt you that much? All of this is unknowable. You just have to follow your body, by both feel and by blood work, and build a plan as you go.