20 Week Test E Cycle for PL Meet

My meet is 24 weeks away. I was going to try to run a 20 week test e cycle first 14 weeks I would run 250mg then after I would run 500mg the last 6 weeks leading up to the meet. I would have arimistane in case estrogen is an issue and take hcg on cycle 125 iu- 250iu 2x a week my post cycle would include 8 days of hcg 1000iu eod then 8 days at 500iu eod along with nolva. I know this isn’t a super hardcore cycle but it is fairly long. Any thoughts?

What kind of meet? No point in tapering. Increase the dose the whole time and run a shorter cycle.

Seems safe and simple. But i wouldnt bother with the 250mg. Just do 500mg.

The cycle lenght means nothing. I havent been OFF at least 400mg of test + something else for like 10 years and have no plans on doing that, so i believe you are in a safe zone.

I’d adjust this to 3 weeks of HCG 500iu EOD then 4-6 weeks of Nolva 20mg