20-Week Test/Deca/Dbol/Tren/SARMs Cycle. Advice?

Hi, first sorry for bad english.
And heres my cycle;
Weeks 1-8 test cyp 600mg/w,9-16 800mg/w
Weeks 1-16 deca 400 mg/w
Weeks 1-4 dbol 30mg/d
Weeks 1-8 s23 sarm 30mg/d
Weeks 1-8 andarine sarm 40mg/d
Weeks 12-16 tren 200mg/w
Weeks 12-18 sarm yk11 (dosing unsure yet)
Weeks 12- 20 sarm mk677(dosing unsure yet)
Weeks 12-20 igf lr3(dosing unsure yet)

No pct trt/cruise 250 mg/week after cycle before next similar cycle(cruise 4-8 weeks, depends bloods).
Im just started week 4…
Food vits estrogen etc is perfect, i dont do nothing but bodybuilding :blush:
Opinion of whole thing and what to chance if necessary??
Steroids are no new to me.

Def drop these

Drop these

Are you a professional bodybuilder? You’re cycle is quite harsh considering you’re stacking like 4 sarms + AAS + IGF1

If i drop those cycle is gonna be wayy too light, i am returning to bodybuilding and bench press contest in 5 months, just wanna be massive and fairly strong, sarms are there cause side effect at this age is consern…if i was younger 1500mg test replace sarms…but now sarms… i wanna know if those chemicals do anything??:blush:

How do you know, when was the last time you ran a cycle?

However you did say you’re doing a bodybuilding competition. Use drugs that have been around for a while/tested on humans fairly rigorously, not sarms wherein we have no fucking idea what the long term ramifications are. At the very least with AAS we have a snapshot


How old are you? What’s your weight, height and bf%?

I ended my last cycle 28. Septemper 2019
I have run 2600mg/test/week at highest back in days over 20 years ago.

Get cardiac screening done before you embark on another cycle

Im 44 yrs old and now weight 262 pounds and about 15% bf, i weighted 282 pound septemper last year…then very bad overtraining, i stopped training little over 3 months( 8 months super hard trainin with virtually no light training was way too much)
I must raise my weight to over 320 to compete superheavyweight class(bench) before next christmas.

All my bloods, ekg and blood pressure is veru fine. I do bloods every 3 months.
I have found that herbs do miracles to those,
Arjuna for heart health(its also prevents heart hypertrophy specially left ventricular)
Bringhraj for liver, kidneys and overall wellbeing
Liv52 for liver.
I do all i can to protect my body, exept bodybuilding and roids :joy::muscle:

Ohh i forgot i am 6" tall(short) or 183 cm

EKG can’t always detect LVH, I’d suggest getting an echocardiogram. Though EKG is a fairly good measure at whether electrical conduction is on point

Well… you’re fucking huge, can we get a pic? You’re like IFBB bro size

Coming from someone who can’t/won’t even take 500mg weekly I envy you. How are you’re lipids whilst on cycle?

I will post when gain little mass…now i am skeletor i promise pic in month :blush:

You’re 6 foot, 262, that’s bigger than schwartzenegger at his peak if 15%… not skeletor lol


I will be huge thats for sure, my lipids are always been supergood…wait second i look my ldl hdl stats

How big were you prior to AAS… I get the feeling regardless of dose a guy who can get to a muscular 320 on AAS must have amazing genetics

Ldl 1,2 mmol/l
Hdl 1,33 mmol/l
Those are fairly low, always been same, i didn find latest but they are similar little higher both

Was on cycle or off? These are fantastic numbers

I am about 235 even without training at all, its my natural weight. At 220 im real skeletor :joy:

Heaviest ever i have weight about 300 on cycle, it was only dianabol 50-100 mg/day(i know, its stupid)