20 Week Cycle of Test P Too Long?

I want to extend my cycle to the end of Labor Day. It will be roughly 19-20 weeks. I have the nolvadex ready.

I am in week 6 of my test prop cycle of 300 mg. My goals are to get down to 8-10% bf. I’ve already lost 25 lbs since dec. you can check my post history and see that most of the weight I lost when I wasn’t on any test. My questions are

  • is 19-20 weeks cycle too long and dangerous?
  • I feel like I’ve hit a plateau with the fat loss. Do you think bumping up too 375 mg/400 mg a week is a good idea ?
  • plan on adding Anavar the last 3-4 weeks of the cycle. Thoughts ?
    -I’m starting to see some testicular shrinkage. I don’t want to be embarrassed if I meet anyone. Should I start administering HCG?
    -my first cycle it was only 6-7 weeks I did 180mg a week because I was training for a marathon and I didn’t want the water retention. Cut the cycle from 14 to 6 because I wanted to see how much weight I can lose without the gear . And less fat would prepare me for the next cycle.

I remember having erections often throughout the day and super high libido. I was expecting the same or more with 300 mg, it didn’t happen. Is something wrong?

I am posting my bloods from 1 week into the cycle. Was kind of late getting the blood work got too busy.

Thanks for the help y’all!

Will be posting my second bloods next week or so

dangerous - yes.
too long - no.

not a good idea as you T levels has nothing to do with your fatloss

if your fatloss is stalling, adding stuff wont change the fact that you have diet or cardio related issues.

most women dont care about balls… balls are mostly a guy thing, so if you want to impress a dude - you can take HCG, yes.

the more and longer you take stuff, the less of sexual benefits you get. Some people report having much lower libido on a blast than they have on a cruise.
when i was 18, i could fuck 10 times in a day on a cycle, sometimes i could do twice in a row, just finish and continue like nothing happened.
after 10 years on, i feel like my libido is just normal, and no matter what i take, changes nothing for my libido or erections.


Let’s see what these second bloods look like. @hankthetank89 pretty much answered everything in depth though. He’s spot on.

Like @hankthetank89 said, adding more test won’t create more fat loss. For me it’s the opposite. I can’t seem to move the scale down if I keep T high. Do more cardio or cut more calories. Or, take a week long diet break. I do this every 6-8 weeks. By the end of 5-6 days of maintenance eating I’m ready to jump back into my diet, and generally it doesn’t stall my weight loss at all

Now I’m even more confused …test doesn’t make fat burning more efficient?

Just how dangerous is 20 weeks? What can I do to minimize the bad? I was planning on stopping the cycle after labor day cycle cuz I want to look my best and if I feel the aftereffects of the cycle I want to deal with it after Labor Day. Should I just cut the cycle early? Would I be missing out on anything?

Testicle size isn’t the only reason why I wanted to inject HCG. Since I’m shutting my body’s natural test production for so long I thought injecting HCG forwards the end can help me get a head start.

I feel the same way. It’s been much harder for me to move the scale now but I do notice recomposition. But test doesn’t do anything to hinder the pat burning process does it ?

From what I understand these drugs help your body use the nutrients better. CICO is still gonna dictate fat loss/gain

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More T helps build more muscle. More muscle burns more calories.

For those that need to hear this…Fat loss and weight loss is not the same thing.

Do you guys think I can recover from a 20 week cycle of 300 mg test prop? Might bump up more forwards end of cycle .

I couldn’t imagine pinning myself that much for 20 weeks

I don’t have a problem with pinning I do it 6 out of 7 days it’s prop . I’m more concerned about my test shutting down for too long .

I don’t PCT, and my train of thought could be way off here, but regardless of ester once you start pinning it doesn’t take long for your balls to get shut down. Combine that with the fact that prop will be out of your system quicker resulting in a quicker pct time… I don’t see much of a difference from a recovery stand point.

It’s always a roll of the dice though, you may never recover. Only time will tell. There is no guarantees that you recover.

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Yes it does via different mechanisms which some people mentioned already, but its mostly scientific and in laboratory.

Technically T builds muscle and muscle spends more calories, but in real life you wont build that much muscle in a few months that you will actually SEE noticable difference.

Same goes with this… yes it will help but not noticable.

You will need to gain like 100lbs to actually be able to eat like shit and not get fat. A few lbs of muscle wont fix your diet problems.
You dont lose fat only because you eat too much or burn too little. Relying on test to burn fat is pointless. Its like spitting in the sea and see if the water level goes up.

If you are going to quit, why do it in the first place?

20 weeks is long enough for a person who knows what they are doing to make a significant change.

There isn’t enough details in this thread to determine what his issue is.

Depends on what you call significant.
He wont build 20lbs of lean tissue. So best he can do is maybe increase caloric expenditure up to MAX 10% which out of 2200-2500 maintenance is like what? half a snickers bar? Its sooo sub-optimal to view fatloss like this. You can burn those 300kcals in 30mins of elyptical with no test injections.

I think you are missing my point. True, taking T is not going to help him burn a significant amount of fat on his cycle. I’m saying in 20 weeks he should be able to build muscle and burn a significant amount of fat if he knew what he is doing. 4 months on a real cycle, proper diet, and intense workout program is long enough to make a visible change depending on where he is now.

I need photos, I need to see what he looks like now. When I see people asking newby questions and mentioning 10% bf, I question everything that say.

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agree… its just that he says his fatloss is stalling and he wants to increase T dose…

same… this forum is really lacking the picture part… the few i have seen have been a letdown and made me question everything also.
i believie people should HAVE to upload pics when asking any questions, because that is a huge part of the info thats needed to give any advice… no one cares about “what you think your BF is” - we need to see…


I’m thinking of what this dude did. I agree with your last comment. People should post photos with these types of comments.

I made a guy feel bad at the gym saying I’m somewhere between 12-16 percent. He thought I was like 8. What made him upset was the implication that if I was 14ish percent, what was he?