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20 Week Cycle, Need Advice

Bloods are 4 weeks into SERM. Please read bottom half of post.

About me: I’ve been lifting for about 12 years im 28 I’ve always been a big guy with a lower “body fat” roughy 16% (I know it’s not super low but I’m 300lbs so I consider it to be low.) I’ve done 2 cycles here and there didn’t start till I was 26. Never had any issue with estro or anything like that. At least nothing that made me get gyno or any side effects in that case. I’m very knowledgeable when it comes to dieting, lifting, and supplements. However I’ve done a fair amount of research on anabolics but not nearly enough as some people on this forum as to why I’m posting about my experience and am willing to take any criticism or help that I can get. Cause at the end of the day I understand that why I’m about to reveal wasn’t the wisest choice.

I was on a cycle of test c for about 24 weeks contrary to what the title states the extra 4 weeks was test “taper” with hcg. I never really ran a cycle longer than 12 weeks but I had some complications in getting bunk pct twice so I had to extend it. My cycle looked like this.

Week 1- 20 500mg of test c E3D

Blood work done every two weeks to asses how much aromasin was needed so it varied. Most of the time was 6.25mg E4D some times 12.5mg.

Note: during this “taper” phase aromasin was bumped up to 12.5mg to 25mg depending on bloods and days i took it varied.

Week 20 test c 250mg a week hcg 500iu 3x week

Week 21 test c 150Mg week hcg 250iu 3x week

Week 22 test c 100mg week hcg 250iu 3x week

Week 23 test c 100mg week hcg 250iu 3x week

Week 24 test c 100mg week hcg 250iu 3x week

Week 25 hcg 250iu 3 x week

Week 26 hcg 250iu 2x week

Since I was still technically suppressed by hcg I thought about waiting before starting clomid. (I used clomid over tamoxifen because I had a script for it, and I used hcg because I had a script for that to would have preferred tamoxifen but beggars can’t be choosers). I wasn’t sure tho, there is so much conflicting information on pct with hcg having it be used during or several weeks prior to SERM. So I bit the bullet and started my clomid.

Week 1-2 50mg of clomid

(had to lower dose week 3 becusse I was getting this weird red eye strain if that makes sense)

Week 3-4 25mg

Posted bloods after 4 weeks of SERM at the top
Bloods are just shbg total test and free test. Now I need to order one for lh fsh prolactin etc. Which I already have so I’ll keep it updated.

Week 5-6 25mg

Now here is where things get interesting went to a Trt doctor for just more information. He says based off bloods run clomid for another 3 months at 50mg a week. I was like huh interesting protocol. Closest thing I could find to that was a pub med study on men with secondary low t taking 25 mg 3 times a week. I thought well I’ll give it a try.

Week 7-8 50mg a week

And that’s as far as I am in this pct.

Now my concern is not my test as it’s expected to be low after 24 weeks of being on anabolics it’s my balls… they aren’t as big as they were and I don’t have much problem my libido in fact i did it the other day like 3 times in one in one sesh. (Sorry if that’s tmi). Anyways they aren’t like raisins just not the same size as they use to be. Now I’ve read probably about every long term cycle pct on this site before posting my own experience. And I’m not a poster just a reader/ lurking trying to soak up as much info as possible. So I apologize if my post is out of place or unorganized. I’m typing this at 5 am because my sleep schedule has been screwy since this whole quarantine thing.

Supplements I currently take:

Vitamin D
Zinc/mag/ vitamin c combo
phosphatidic acid
D-aspartic acid
powdered multivitamin

And I just started a t booster ( now as far as I know I don’t think this can hurt however I may be wrong based off all the research I’ve done I couldn’t find anything that would suggest it would cause any issues) brand is

Forzaone TST

Diet is ehhhhh I mean it’s hard cause of the whole quarantine right now. So I’m doing my best to keep my protein high and my macros balanced.

Sleep is could be better I know that would probably help a lot.

Stress? Hey how can I not be haha

Workout routine is a 5 day block. Chest back shoulder etc.

I don’t think I’m doing anything wrong unless I’m totally oblivious or I’m just over thinking it and should be happy with the numbers I have at 4 months.

Anyways love this site has always been my go to.
Hope you guys can lend a helping hand! And hope to help others that might have been in a similar situation as mine.

(Note: taper is in quotes because was not a proper taper)

16 weeks were my longest cycles, and yes Pct took longer than it did for a 10-12 week cycle.

I didn’t use hcg, either during the cycle, nor at the end of it(though no doubt it would have sped things up a bit).

It took me 10-12 weeks to get back to decent natural testosterone levels. I was using EQ and that hangs around in your system a lot longer than test when you stop a cycle.

Follow the time on equals time off, and you should do alright. I would hold off going the blast and cruise approach until you have had kids(assuming you don’t already have any).

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Thanks for the reply! That’s definitely comforting to hear as I know eq is a bit harsher than test. Time on =time off plus pct is deff my got to approach always and then some. Clomid is just not a fun SERM deer sticking to tamoxifen next time around. Oh yeah haha no kids blast and cruise won’t be till later in life. Will eventually do trt.

Do you happen to know your level prior to your cycle? I ask because your bloods don’t look bad at all. If you continue busting your butt in the weight room, eating/sleeping well, and living a healthy lifestyle, your level should continue to rise/normalize (depending on where you were before the cycle).

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You know my bloods before got lost and can’t get a record of them. I usually use walk-in lab. However if I recall correctly my t was somewhere around 800. Nonetheless I really appreciate your comment. 24 weeks is a long time and I know that some go for longer and a shut down is a shut down but still. I happy to hear that everything looks pretty normal. I just finished week 8 of my clomid therapy. So I’ll have to get tested next week to see where I’m at.

So I have another post but thought I’d make another one with my blood results only.

Recap did a 20 cycle with a 4 week “taper”.

This is my other post for more information.

Took only clomid as I found out my hcg was fake.

Clomid was 50mg for week 1 and 2 week 3 and 4 was 25mg.

End of week 4 went and got bloods done

Doctor said take clomid for 3 months but 50mg a week.

I took 25mg/day for week 5 and 6 week 7 and 8 was 50mg/week.

Week 9 got blood work done results below. Also saw a different doctor for second opinion he suggested hcg 250iu twice a week for 3 months. Then just stop everything wait 3 months and see what my lvls are.

Now my question is. Are my bloods the result of the clomid and should I expect a drop when I stop completely and should I even consider taking the hcg?

I’m really conflicted here and not sure what to do. I appreciate any criticism or help becusse that’s what helps me learn and get stronger from this thank you.

The HCG is going to cause suppression, which is the opposite of what you want right now. My guess is you’re numbers will go down a bit when you stop the Clomid