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20 Week Cycle (BLOOD TESTS) Question

So I have another post but thought I’d make another one with my blood results only.

Recap did a 20 cycle with a 4 week “taper”.

This is my other post for more information.

Took only clomid as I found out my hcg was fake.

Clomid was 50mg for week 1 and 2 week 3 and 4 was 25mg.

End of week 4 went and got bloods done

Doctor said take clomid for 3 months but 50mg a week.

I took 25mg/day for week 5 and 6 week 7 and 8 was 50mg/week.

Week 9 got blood work done results below. Also saw a different doctor for second opinion he suggested hcg 250iu twice a week for 3 months. Then just stop everything wait 3 months and see what my lvls are.

Now my question is. Are my bloods the result of the clomid and should I expect a drop when I stop completely and should I even consider taking the hcg?

I’m really conflicted here and not sure what to do. I appreciate any criticism or help becusse that’s what helps me learn and get stronger from this thank you.

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