20 Week Contest Prep Cycle

Just want some review on this. 25yr old, 215pds, 8% bf. Diet is good, will be way more strict closer to the end. Already doing intermittent fasting until last five weeks, at which I will switch to carb cycling. Have done my fair share of gear, have ran all these compounds before. Taking all my supports with this, not a drop of alcohol or any rec drugs. Very active, outdoors a lot hiking and swimming( live in Hawaii, aloha).

I know the test dose is low towards the latter half, I’m fine with my sex drive not being the hottest, I’m in this to win the competition. That dose is so that I maintain normal endocrine function.
Last competition I came in looking good, but the judging here is very local oreintented, so I’m going to have to blow these chumps out of the water to get my first place this year.

1-10) 600mg test
1-10) 600mg deca
1-10) 600mg eq
1-5) 50mg dbol Ed
1-10) 50mg proviron

10-15) 400mg test
10-15) 600mg tren e
10-15) 600mg eq
10-15) 50mg proviron

15-18) 400mg eq
15-19) 300mg test
15-20) 525mg tren a
15-20) 700mg mast p
16-20) 70mg Tbol
15-20) 50mg proviron
15-20) 75/100mcg t3 Ed

.5 adex E3d
.5 cabergoline e3d
20mg nolvadex Eod

20-22) 2500iu hcg
21-25) nolva 40/20/20/20
21-25) clomid 100/50/50/50

Very open to criticism as long as it’s educated and appropriate. Cheers.

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you look good, dude. Let us know how you get on

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