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20 w/Low Free T, Unsure on TRT

-age 20
-height 6’0
-waist 38
-weight 211
-describe body and facial hair - Good amount of hair
-describe where you carry fat and how changed - Alot of fat on my thighs/stomach. I workout and run alot, eat healthy- Having a very hard time losing weight
-health conditions, symptoms [history] - Get injured alot, obese.
-Rx and OTC drugs, any hair loss drugs or prostate drugs ever - nope
-lab results with ranges
Prolactin 10.0 NG/ML Range 4.0-15.2
TSH 1.070 UIU/ML Range .450-4.500
Testosterone 400 Range 350-1200
Free test 7.6 Range 9.5-26.5
-describe diet [some create substantial damage with starvation diets] I eat alot of healthy foods, chicken and rice along with milk veggies and kale smoothies. Also take multi vitamin and iodine supp.
-testes ache, ever, with a fever? No
-how have morning wood and nocturnal erections changed - Dont really get morning wood or nocturnal erections.

My mood sucks, kinda depressed. Never feel like going out and it feels like I never have any motivation. Cant get it up and penis almost has a numbed down feeling, girlfriend almost always initiates sex and she can tell I’m not that into it. Have to take Viagra to stay hard.
I do get cold easily.
I eat alot of seafood, Tilapia and Salmon are my favorite lunches. Allergic to shellfish.
Brittle, weak nails.
Also its super hard for me to put on muscle/loss fat. I stay sore for a long time and it seems like I spin my wheels in the gym. Low energy.

Doctor admits somethings wrong but does not want to prescribe anything (besides viagra…), mainly stating I am too young. I have a follow up with him next week to discuss my options. Am I too young for TRT, and are my levels low enough to warrant trt? Could use some advice/help reading the results. Thanks.

You need these labs: - you have some…
LH/FSH << important
fasting serum glucose
fasting cholesterol
IGF-1 to evaluate your GH levels
AM cortisol, do at 8AM

Check your body temperatures as per the thyroid basics sticky. If low, add labs: TSH, fT3, fT4

Based on FT you could have TRT, but we need to first do diagnostics to try to find out why T is low, then try to get your HPTA working again.

When did things start to go bad?

What are the stresses in your life? Injuries? Surgeries? Illness/infection?

I will try to get more numbers, its been like pulling teeth to get the blood work done. First doctor wouldn’t do it because I am only 20. Second one said he would make sure its “comprehensive” and this is what I got (I will call in the A.M. to see if they have more numbers…). My temperature stays at a steady 97.5. Junior/Senior year of Highschool I think, I started spinning my wheels in the weight room and getting injured alot. But I’ve always had problems with weight even though I did track and wrestling. Worst part is the libido/lack of motivation… In a relationship with a beautiful girl and its kinda weird that I’m never into the sexual side of things. Have to take Viagra to get into it.

Are you using the thermometer properly? 97.5 is low.
Please read the thyroid basics sticky.

Low thyroid function has the same symptoms as low T and to make worse, often lowers T.

We do have a fair number of guys here at your age with your problems. You are not alone.

Any one else with you eating same foods who has low body temperatures?

Have you consumed a lot of citrus drinks that contain bromated vege oil?

The requested labs are key.

There are 7 stickies, a lot there that you need to understand because you will soon, and need to be, more knowledgeable than your doctors. The biggest problem is the doctors and you can’t be passive, you also need to manage your own health care. There is a finding a TRT doc sticky.

Where are you located?

Sorry, 98.5 not 97.5
I make my own food and I only drink water/milk and I try to eat very healthy. No contact with BVO drinks in the past few years that I know about.
I live near Manassas VA (NOVA area)
Thank you very much for the help.

I found a compounding pharm local to me and visited them today, after showing them my test results I was told that they know a doctor that would start me on TRT asap. But I’ve read the thyroid sticky and I have a few questions. Mainly I already take a kale based iodine supp every morning along with kale based smoothies (along with other greens) post workout. Is it still possible for me to have a thyroid problem? I called the doctor and he said my thyroid seemed fine. Working on getting a better blood test done in the mean time.

So you are 98.5 when you wake up AND in the afternoon? If good, no thyroid issues.

Do not start TRT, please see the suggested labs. Looks like you are headed that way already.