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20 Strict Pull Ups

First i must say is sorry for my english, but im from spain.

This is post is just to share something with you, i just readed the article about 20 chin ups, and i find it funny because a few days ago I just reached that goal!!! by following exactly the tips it says but when it wasnt wrotte hehehe!!!

there it is the video and if u cant still do them! GO FOR IT

good job dude, solid reps:)

Thx whatever! in the video. I wasn’t really trying to do 20 pull ups, just trying to do as many as i could,.ando thought that 20 was a food number so i stopped. Next time i will try to do more!

nicely done sir.

Well done friend.

I attempted 20 reps, but only managed 12. Wasnt feeling the best that day so I will try again in 1-2 weeks.

Keep watching until he end of the video to see a bonus clip of me attempting my push-up rep max.


hehehehe!!! gj dude! but i recommend you something to improve your pull ups, try to pull your chest to the barbell straightly.


i thought you were a pro soccer (football) player.

[quote]spk wrote:

i thought you were a pro soccer (football) player.[/quote]

semi-pro bro.

Just about to start pre-season. Been busy getting myself ready.


I thought this might be a good place for this. The ladder pull-ups are pretty awesome I think. Has anyone seen anything like it? I’d was thinking about trying to build something to do these, any ideas?

Just saw it’s a Salmon ladder, for those that care.

Cool pull ups! However i think that doing clapping pull ups will have the same effect that Salmon ladders.

Try it at a slower cadence

What does it work for?

Takes momentum and swinging out of the picture. Little more difficult .

Thx for the tip!

Muy bonita!

Puedo hacer solo siete ahora. Pero trabajando por mas!

Jajajajaja claro que si!!! la constancia es la clave! persistence is the key!

don’t do “arrow-pullups” it’s just silly show off that they do on TV. Mountainclimbers do these type of pullups but they swing themselves up while the barbell(or what they are grabbing) is firmly placed.

similar to this:

You’ll end up hurting yourself when you are tired and misplace the barbell.

You can also try muscle ups instead those “arrow pull ups” here it is a video of me training muscle ups

Nice video! Everyone knows muscle ups are the king of upper body exercise :slight_smile: