20 Somethings and TRT

Seems like quite the fad for young guys to jump on hormone replacement. Is this new or am I just now noticing it? It bothers me something fierce and rather than give advice I almost want to say bugger off. Personally, unless someone has a genetic, trauma, or cancer induced hypogonadism I think the MD should be reprimanded for putting someone that young on trt without major due-process.

I think it’s due to the advancement in medicine and low testosterone awareness. Not to mention the use of internet as a source of information. I am 23, and have been medically confirmed low T for more than a year, and I personally know for longer than 5. I was never medically diagnosed until I wen’t to a urologist because I had prostate issues. I was tested for low T on a whim because one of my symptoms was chronic fatigue. I’ve been do have a dozen doctors before my diagnoses for the sole symptom of chronic fatigue and never got any results. Then one day at a urologist for something completely different and discovered low T. I am still battling the chronic fatigue because my hypogonadism wasn’t the cause of my low T but rather a symptom. It turned into pans-hypopituitaryism and now possible adrenal fatigue.

In modern days, people look to the internet for information regarding their condition. There isn’t much unbiased information on testosterone so people flock to forums. Hence more posts.

Then there are the people who go to ageless clinics for having testosterone blood results at 500 on a range from 300-1000. While this falls within the limits one may interpret this result as low for a young man. This is somewhat of a grey area. You can substitute testosterone to boost up to 750. But then your body might interpret this as too much testosterone and then you end up with a prescription of testosterone, HCG, and an AI all for a 250 boost in testosterone thinking this is going to solve all your problems or get you buff.

If it’s for legitimate reasons then great. It sounds like you needed TRT and weren’t just looking for an excuse to start doing cycles or to impress anyone. And it’s completely their choice to do so anyway, I just think it’s probably a bad choice for a lot of the young guys signing up to ask questions.

I can relate to how you found out you had low-T as I too went in for prostate pain and asked the urologist if he might test my Testosterone levels. I kinda thought in the back of mind that it would come back higher than normal but…