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20 Rep Squats


So, starting tommorow I'm going to do the 20rep squats program outlined at bodybuilding.com.

I'm going to do it for 6 weeks, three times a week.

I'm going to do as follows (oh yeah, the program with minor changes.)

20 rep squats
5x5 military press
2x8 barbell curls

20 rep squats
5x5 chinups
2x10 lateral raises

20rep squats
2x5 flat bench
2x5 chest supported rows

I'm going to start at 145 lbs, and hopefully, if the program goes as follows, finish with 235. Yes, I know. I am that big of a bitch.

I do have two questions, though.
1. How long does a set usually last?

  1. I'm going to be supplimenting with Surge, Metabolic Drive, Flameout, greens+, BCAA's, REZ-V, creatine, and ZMA, and Spike Shooters. Would it be worth using HRX to minimize fat gain, or is my body going to need every goddamn calorie I can shove down my trachea? I have been using it on and off the past month or so (using Spike and HRX on alternating days) to keep fat gain to a min during this bulk.

I also plan on doing the see-food diet. I'm going to drink a gallon of whole milk a day with two scoops of Metabolic Drive in it. That alone will give me 208g protein by itself.

I also intend on using this thread as a progress log. Mostly to keep me from not bitching out on the workouts.
Feel free to give inspirational comments like "dont be a bitch" and "I swear to God if you dont get your ass to that gym I'm going to hunt you down and slit your throat."


Firstly, I wouldn't say you're a big bitch; you're a very small bitch.

You're going to get a little fat if you do this "bulk" the right way. Don't sweat it too much dude. Seriously.

I know people are going to jump on me for this, but I don't think you should sweat overall protein intake. Drinking a gallon of whole milk should do you just fine. Plus with all the meat you'll be eating (fag), you won't have to worry a bit.

Don't be a bitch.

I'd like to add that I was serious when I told you earlier that you'll want a trash can near by. And I forgot to mention (and this is really more important) that you will need some spotters, just in case you pass out. I know someone who this has happened to before.


I've been contemplating 20 rep squats again. The first time, I bitched out on the 17th rep with 240. Not an excuse, but I was only about 140# bwt at that time. To this day, I regret not getting those last 3 reps. Tell you what rrjc, I'll do the 20 rep routine also and maybe we can give each other encouragement/insults etc. I'm currently about 175# bwt. and will start training with 225# and should end up at 315#, which was my goal the first time. I'm officially challenging you to succeed!


Hey man,

How many sets of the 20 rep squats are you planning on doing? My guess is 1, but I'm just curious. I know that some people report 20 rep squats as having "magical" abilities, but you really don't look like you are going to be getting enough volume here to grow.

I mean, we're talking around 10 working sets in an ENTIRE WEEK. I really can't imagine that it's going to produce enough hypertrophy. And since your caloric intake is going to be a bit larger than usual, I feel like you might end up gaining more fat than muscle.

Are you trying to put on size here mostly or gain strength?

I'm interested to see how this pans out. Make sure to take some before and after shots as well as measurements.

Good luck buddy.



Good luck, 20 rep squats hurt like a bitch, but you feel awesome when you're done with a set.


Interesting. Yes, I plan on doing one set of 20.

So you think I should make the 2x5 sets 5x5 or something of the like? Or just add different exercises.


I also agree that you should do more work than what you have listed. You can easliy add another 4 exercises after you do the 1 set of 20 each workout. You'll need to rest about 5 minutes after the squats before doing the other exercises.

The 20 rep sets are brutal. If you have done them right you'll have a hard time walking from the rack to a bench to sit on. As far as the time for the set if you can do the set in less than 2 minutes I would say the weight was too easy. When you doing it right and taking breaths between each rep you will go over 2 minutes.

Go luck.


I agree with Seattle_Lifter. I mean, you're obviously going to have to experiment and see what you can or cannot do. If you go as planned, I can't see the workouts lasting more than half an hour or an hour and a half a week. Now, I don't know much about G-Flux, but I do know that 1.5 hours of exercise a week ain't it! Haha, but seriously, I can't imagine seeing much growth from something so low volume.

I've never done an "offical" 20 rep squat program, but did include them randomly quite a while ago and I know they are damn brutal.

Part of me wonders if they are really worth it. Noone can argue that they aren't tough, but tough doesn't necessarily equate to productive. Running a marathon would be tough, but I'm not sure how condusive it'd be to my goals, ya know?

Go for it and see how it goes. I'll give you some credit for having the balls to do the 20 rep squats 3 times a week.



You guys who question the volume of this routine should try it for yourself. One set of squats is plenty if you go ATG and with enough weight. I would also do any other exercises before the squats because if you do them right, you won't have anything left in the tank.

You'll know you're doing them right if the room goes dark and fuzzy, you can't seem to get enough oxygen, your knees quiver and buckle like Rosie O'Donnell is on your shoulders, you get cotton mouth and the rest of the gym stops what they're doing to watch in awe/disgust. Just keep a clear path to a garbage can.

I know what it's like to be completely gassed halfway through a kickboxing fight when the other guy was just getting warmed up and I can tell you, this is the most brutal thing I have done or ever will do. Don't say I didn't warn you. Doubt me? I challenge you to prove me wrong!


I believe the program on BB.com, or any 20 rep squat program, has you doing full body workouts to accompany the squats, not just one other exercise.

The set should last a goodly amount of time. Upwards of 3 or 4 minutes or so as you get towards a heavier weight.


I've done the 20 rep squats before. After the 20 reps, you'll realise: there really is such thing as too much volume. It rapes that hard (at least at first.. then when you adapt it is kinda gay..)

Anyway, don't mess with it too much. The whole point is basically to kick start newbies and people who are upper thick and lower deficient into the world of body building by giving massive calories and protein (milk) and leg development (squat). The fact you been training a while makes this interesting to see how well it fares I must admit :slight_smile: please don't not post how it fares :slight_smile:

Btw, i've done this and I know a few that have as well. In all honesty, it seemed just sticking to it, rather than the weight used, is what really mattered. Oh, and if you're not good at handling acidosis, you will puke :slight_smile:

~~~Insanely curious on if your previous training will mean this does nothing


What is the original supersquat protocal?
Was it pullovers and squats? What other exrcises and sets and reps?


The "original" would be hard to track down, but the program Strossen outlined in Super Squats is:

3x10 Seated behind the neck press
3x12 Bench
2x15 Bent row
2x10 Curl
1x20 Squat
1x20 Rader chest pull (or pullovers)
1x15 Stiff-legged deadlift
1x20 Rader chest pull (or pullovers)
3x20 Calf raise
1x25 Crunches

The abbreviated program is:

2x12 Bench
1x20 Squat
1x20 Rader chest pull (or pullover)
2x15 Bent row

When I did the program, I did this:


5x5 Bench
5x5 Bent row
1x20 Squat


5x5 Military press
5x5 Chin-up
5x5 Deadlift


5x5 Incline press
5x5 Power clean
1x20 Squat

That program worked pretty well for me. I got up to 275 in the 20 rep squat, if I remember right. I'd add more direct arm and calf work if I did the program again.


I want to see 315 x 20. Heck, I'd even watch a video of 225 x 20.


I'm pretty sure Platz did 500x23.


Ive seen a video by a guy named Sarge or somthing and he does about 250 for 99 reps.


I've seen that video I believe. It's not that I believe it to not be impossible, I just believe it to be extremely rare. The ammount of time I waste trolling this site, I wouldn't mind some of it to be of watching a poster show off how far his training has taken him.


I just went back and edited what my routine will be for the next 6 weeks.

I was looking forward to doing my first 20 rep set of squats all day, especially since I got my Spike Shooters in the mail this morning. I had half a can 10 minutes before I went to the gym.

I just got back from the gym, and I'm definitly going to need plenty of encouragement via inspiration, or insults. I'm not sure which would be more helpful.

So, I warmed up by doing a set of squats without the bar, then a set of ten with the unloaded bar on my back. I waited about 3 minutes to have all the energy I could in my legs for the work set. I did 145x20 in 2 minutes 35 seconds. After that, I walked around the gym very slowly for about 5 minutes until my breath started coming back to me.

Then, I did 5x5 military press. I cleaned it from the floor at the beginning of each set. On my 5th rep of my 5th set, I had to push press to get it up. At this point, I'm out of breath again and very close to throwing up. Also, let it be known I was at the water fountain for about 30 seconds between each set of presses.

I then did my 2x8 barbell curls. After the second set, I did feel that I was going to throw up. I walked back to my room, with a slight case of pins and needles all over my body which I'm pretty sure is my CNS screaming "fuck you!"

So, now I'm sitting here, typing this, sipping slowly on my Surge so I dont throw it right back up, with my hands still tingling.

I have a feeling I'm going to enjoy this program if I finish it successfully.

Oh, I just weighed myself after my workout. 175 lbs, after having drunk a little over half a gallon of whole milk so far today, along with my regular meals.


First off BB.com is gay, mostly because half of their articals are "reprinted" from T-Nation and drsquat.com, and second you should just type in 20 rep squats on google and get the "Super Squats" program it is the one from the book. 20 reps squats are great conditioning espically for the tire flip.

Good luck


yo rrjc5488m, good luck with 20 rep squats, i just started today and it was one hell of a chest buster.