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20-Rep Squats


This is my first post here. I've been reading on this site for a while now and decided to join. I am currently doing the 20-Rep Squat Program and wanted to see how I am doing. I started the program back in October and perform it twice a week. My starting weight was 225 and I have worked my way up to 250. Tuesday I will attempt 255 on the squats. I keep my weights low on all of the other exercises because my main focus are the squats. I weigh between 160 and 165 depending on the day. I just wanted to see what you guys think about the weight I am using and just any feedback at all on this program. It is brutally tough, but I love it!


That's pretty damn impressive in my opinion espeacially if your going ATG like you should. Keep up the hard work I know Death Squats are brutally tough but are main stay in my program usually do em once a month just to give my system a break.


what part of kansas DD?


From my reading of Super Squats, ATG squats aren't actually advocated, but instead a depth more similar to powerlifting legal. Am I missing something from the book?


I never actually read that book. I started using them after I saw Jesse Marunde ( RIP ) was using them with great success and had posted a couple of videos and he was def going ATG. Although with any squat I prefer to go FULL range of motion even if it means using less weight. Jesse Rodgers ( SPF President ) was helping me out with my squat and told me more than once if I didn't squat so low I could easily bring up my squat numbers for a meet but, I just got in the habit of going low and just couldn't break my self of it.


Ah yeah, Jesse's style was different than what was advocated in the 20 rep squats program. You definitely can squat ATG for 20 rep squats, but it's not necessarily what you're "supposed" to be doing when you follow the program. Both styles will work. I had great success running it with a powerlifting legal squat.


I go below parallel on mine. I did Mark Rippetoe's Starting Strength before this program; Rip is the man. I'm from southeast Kansas. I go to college at Pitt State.


My goal is to get to 275 by the end of the semester, December 14.




I only occasionally go heavy 20 reppers and at that weight and BW, damn man good work!

They usually shag me and take a bit of mental fortitude. Can't imagine doing them weekly.


DD, parsons myself.


gurbob, where do you workout?


Did my first 20 rep set last week. What a brutal test! Only hit 18 at 225. 250 is beast, man. What's your single right now?


Yeah after my first workout I couldn't walk for about a week. I never really max but when I was on Starting Strength I did 3 sets of 5 at 315.


Haha, I definitely felt it, but thankfully I have a fairly frequent squatting routine, so I didn't get too sore.

Pretty damn strong, man. I bet you are hitting over a 400. That's great for your weight.


Thanks bud. I'm hoping to enter a powerlifting contest on May 4 in Branson. It would be my first one so I'm pretty excited.


DD, i workout at The Gym(catchy name i know)

Your going to branson too eh?

The Gym has a PL meet every year. The first weekend of June.

youll have to come to parsons some weekend and max out with us.


I'm hoping to anyway. I lift at the YMCA in Pittsburg but I actually live in McCune so it's only about 15 miles to Parsons.


Good Deal.


Ah, good luck! I need to pony up and look into a meet and just compete for the hell of it. I'm not at the numbers I want to be at for my weight class, but I suppose competing sooner than later is more beneficial.