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20 Rep Squats


im trying to gain strength and size so i'm thinkin 20 rep squats would be beneficial.
does this jus involve doing one set with as much as possible?

i did these today with a set of 50 reps on the leg press. would this be ok? or what do you suggest?


Just google around a bit. You'll find many programs built around the 20 rep squat; basically, they're all full body routines, with three-four exercises after the squat and a light set of pull-overs (another staple in this kind of programs).

On T-Nation only, I can recall two articles, one by Colucci, the other by Mahler, about these old-school routine (I liked better Mahler's one...).

Just my two cents: if your form on squat isn't solid (I mean, if you're not shure you can safely squat even in a fatigued state), 20 rep squat is not for you. Otherwise, even if there are more balanced routines out there, give it a try (after a bit of research on the web).


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It's called the 20 reps programm for a reason, if you could do it on the legpress it would be called the

"50rep legpress programm" which it isn't


yeah if u look at the original post it actually says ' did these today with a set of 50 reps on the leg press '. this 'with' meaning i did both.

but thanks for naming my program anyway.


I'm not sure that you know or fully appreciate what is meant by "20 rep squats." You don't just take your 20 rm and bang out the reps. The 20 rep squat, aka widowmaker or breathing squats, is where you select a weight that represents your 10 rm. Your first step is to knock out the first ten reps. Then the fun begins. You follow those 10 reps with a series of rest pauses until you gut out the other ten reps. I guarantee that if you did this properly, then you wouldn't/couldn't do a set of 50 rep leg presses afterwards.


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