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20 Rep Squats at 68

I’M 68 thought I would give the 20 rep squat program a try again. Used it once back in the 80’s and thought what the heck might as well give it a try again. Started out today with 135 plan on adding 5lb every work out up to 225 hopefully.


if you can manage 225 for 20 at your age, hats off to you man. I’ve done 20 rep squats. They aren’t any fun at all.

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Jeezus why lol. I’d find 20 quarter rep squats terrible not even talking 2 plates. Good luck

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I would have a recovery plan figured out before venturing on that program, myself. Best of luck to you.

How did you implement them before?

Last time I was younger and competing in powerlifting and had just finished a meet started at 135 and went up by 10lb each workout found the best way is to do 10 then think 5 more and then 5 more sucking air with each rep go home soak in a tub of hot water

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Arnold praised high rep squats in his videos.

I like to go to ten then start counting down.

I count down from 5, 4 times. Either way, the general concensus is don’t count from 1 all the way to 20. If you finish the set, you’ve done the work, so mindfucking yourself along the way does no good.

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I sat up from the couch 20 times and I needed breathing assistance.


1 x 20 @ 225 is a great squat workout finisher that produces real energy in our age group.

You may have motivated me to resume squatting.

absolute badass. This is what tnation is for!

How many times a week are you doing this?

Monday Wednesday And Friday Tuesday and Thursday is cardio

This is great! I actually did 20 reps for the first time after my first meet too! Except in 2016.

My max at the meet was 336, started with 135x20, and eventually had to slow the progression per week. I think I stopped when I got to 205 and then started a meet prep with a coach.

I’ve always thought 20 rep squat programs were good.
Back in my younger days, I am 57.5 now, my workout partners and I would do 21s. Use 135 and do 3 sets. That was pretty brutal, to me anyway lol.

What other lifts are you doing on your squat days?

Push Press 3 sets of 12
DB pullovers 20 reps
Bench 3 sets of 12
Plate loaded ISO high row wide 3 sets of 12
Pin Press 3sets of 12
DB pullovers
Incline Press 3 sets of 12
ISO plate loaded ISO high row narrow 3 sets of 12
DB pullovers 20 rep
Pull up 3 sets of 12
Dips 3sets of 12
Hyper extensions 3 sets of 12
Do push ups at end of every work out

Your squatting frequency should get you to 20 rep sets @ 225, and beyond, quickly.

How do you do your pullovers?
1 or 2 dumbbells ?
How do you lie on the bench ?
I’ve done them in the past, sometimes they feel like I’m getting something from them, sometimes they feel like a chest,tricep, back exercise mixed together with no appreciable benefit for me.

One DB lay cross ways on bench keep your elbows bent and in close pull with at shoulders and back not triceps