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20 Rep Squats Advice


The breathing advice I have isn’t mine; it comes out of the Super Squats book. You are right that it keeps the weight on your back longer, but I think that is the point, haha. It SUCKS.


Lol it’s an entire process from the first rep for me.

Assuming it’s an actual 10-12RM.

Reps 8-10 Fear
Reps 10-12 - Anger
Reps 12-15 - Bargaining
Above 15 - Acceptance. That’s when the real idiot emerges.


You need to start at your 10-12RM. This is the entire point of the program. It’s simply a test of your ability to kill yourself or die trying in the gym.

Honestly, there’s not much of a difference in gains in strength and hypertrophy that a normal split won’t give you when you take into account the increase in calories needed to complete this program unless your legs are severely undertrained.

IMO, if you’re doing this for technique improvement, there are much better things to do like a 531 5s pro full body variation or something.


Yeah this program is definitely not for solidifying technique, WAY too much fatigue in the set.

This is a mindset challenge with a hypertrophy and strength benefit as I see it


Yeah, that’s usually what that means.

I saw you telling the OP that’s how you can do them, as if you had experience with it. I was legitimately curious, because it sounds like one of the most brutal things I’ve ever heard of.

So you’re saying you just invented this? I’d never heard of pausing 20 rep squats before, which is why I wanted to see a video.

Honestly might be worth a shot. I might be able to do 225 with 1 sec pauses. Sounds pretty terrible. 4 second pauses sound ridiculous though. That’s 80 sec total at the bottom of a squat! The set would probably take 5 minutes.


I love this and it almost identical to my mindset:

Warm-up + Reps 1-5 - Fear
Reps 5-8 - oh it’s not that bad
Reps 9-13 - oh it is that bad
Reps 13-16 - Bargaining
Reps 16-20 - usually can’t remember them. I liken it to giving birth. I know it happened but I can’t recall them!


Is this one of those things your generation comes up with that makes zero sense to the rest of us? “In my heart, I truly feel that a tiny human being has torn through my vagina so you have no right to tell me that I haven’t given birth. Stop abusing your position of power!!” :stuck_out_tongue:


Omg no. You’re completely misunderstanding everything. “As if I had experience”, isn’t cause for assumption. I don’t parade on here or in real life making more out of myself than what I am.

I hope to Heaven I didn’t invent it with speculation back when I said it. I’m sure someone, somewhere has done it. Perhaps with a lighter weight, and more time on their hands. No where did I say I “invented” shit.

I don’t mean to sound defensive, but Sometimes people ask me questions on here, with the intent of being an asshole.