20 rep squat routine

Hi folks nice to be part of this forum.
I lost a lot of size last year and I wanna get it back. I thought that perhaps a 20 rep breathing squat routine might just work. You know the ones you read about in ironman. 20 rep squats followed by single sets of benches chinups and some more basic exercises. Oh and the pullover ofcourse.
The only thing is I don´t know wether this is a good way to train or not. I know Tsatsouline isn´t a big fan of them. Just wondering what you guys think of it.

I love breathing squats. They are an excellent way to add mass not just to your legs, but to the rest of your body as well. Try one or two sets of them after some lower rep squats.

it will work, basics always have. I would alternate the 20rep squats w/low 2-6 rep deadlifts from workout to workout. do your 20rep squats once a week and do your heavy deads once a week. peace

I rate the ass off 20 rep squats. grow like crazy when i do them too. As to Pavel Tsatsouline being a fan of them, he cites them as the foundation of his basic mass building program in the Sports Supplement Review 4th edition, edited by Vince Andritch (which i do NOT rate the ass off).

OK not to sound stupid here…especially considering all the years I have lifted…but what is the difference between a breathing squat and a regular plain jane squat??

Whopper- Type “breathing squat” into the T-mag (not the forum’s) search engine. I’ve described them twice and Ian King has once I believe. I know one of my descriptions was in Reader Mail and the other was in “Short Topic- Hise Breathing Shrugs.” That should help you out.

Hey Mel, you may wanna put them at the end of your program for that day though. I say that I tend to have to stop after one set as I just feel like I’m gunna be sick. Hasn’t got anything to do with eating times either - you can still feel sick even with an empty stomach.

Question: what percentage of 1RM is ideal to use with 20 rep squats. Thanks.

Lyova, you use a weight that is close to your ten rep max.