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20 Rep Squat Routine


Okay so I started 20 rep squat today and I gave my own little twist to the program and would like some input.

Sunday: 1X20X170lbs Squat----Single leg squats as a warmup
1X15 Pull ups (burnout)
3X10X70lbs Pullovers

Monday: Wrestling-Pushups-Dips

Tuesday: 5X3 Cleans
3X10 Hammer Curls
3X10 Shrugs

Wednesday: Repeat Monday

Thursday: Repeat Sunday

Friday: Repeat Monday

Saturday: Rest

I molded this around my wrestling schedule. Like I said I did Sunday's workout today and it was brutal. I looked like a fish out of water! But I definitely should have added a few pounds to it. Does a 10 pound jump every workout sound doable? Thanks


btw my stats are 18 y/o 5'10" 160 lbs 280/225/405


Sure its doable for a while, but I'd suggest just 5 lbs per workout and 10 a week. 225 for 20 reps isn't a small feat, especially at your weight and if you can get there in 6 weeks that would be quite an accomplishment.

My only concern for you is your wrestling. I assume you are in season right now and probably have tournaments on Saturdays, right? That Thursday workout is probably going to hamper your performance on Saturdays quite a bit. You might keep the 20 reps at once per week and do lighter speed work on Thursdays if you are concerned about your wrestling.


ACTUALLY, I'm an assistant coach and only go monday, wednesday, and friday. So it shouldn't effect me negatively at all!


By all means, go for it then. I'd still suggest 5 lbs per workout instead of 10 to try and get a little bit more longevity out of it, but the cool thing about 20 rep squats is your gains are just as much mental as they are physical.

I did 20 rep squats when I was at your age, weight, and strength level (and I'm still 5'10 too). IIRC, I started at about 185 and finished at 220 but that was like 10 years ago now. I didn't keep a log back then so I can't tell you for sure what my progression was like. The only advice I can give is to take the breathing aspect seriously. When the reps start getting hard, take as much time as you need and then get that big belly full of air before you hit another.

IMO, 6-8 weeks of that routine will be a great start to getting some baseline strength and getting past the mental aspect of pushing your body to the limit. In regards to the rest of your routine, I'd throw out the shrugs in favor of some light deadlifts (I'm pretty sure the super squats routine calls for RDL's) and mix up your M/W/F routine with some flat bench and overhead press as well. Maybe dips on monday, bench Wednesday, and overhead on Friday. You may want to even cut out the Wednesday workout.

Give it a go and re-evaluate in 6 weeks. If you're still making progress then stay with it, if not change to something else. If you are serious about this, then the best advice I can give is to remember it is a LONG journey. I think the super squats routine is a great beginner workout. If nothing else, it will develop 'toughness' better than anything out there. The bottom line is that you are at a point where anything is still going to work, so just keep working hard and playing around with it until you figure out what gives you gains and what you also just flat out enjoy doing!


Double that:
"I'd still suggest 5 lbs per workout instead of 10 to try and get a little bit more longevity out of it"


I tried this today. It was a leg day. I'll also say that I train for bodybuilding (i.e. hypertrophy), so take that for what it's worth.

Usually, my Sunday leg days go squat, hack squat, ham curl, leg press, then SLDL.

My plan was to do my normal day but do the 1x20 at the end of squat, then do a bit lower volume with the subsequent exercises to compensate.

I underestimated how much 315x20 would smoke me (yes, I'm not super-strong). I was physically gassed, of course, but I underestimated how psychologically demanding it would be. I think the rest of my planned sets really suffered.

It might be something I do once per month or two. But regularly? I just feel like my overall strength development would suffer. For the OP's plan, doing that twice a week would be killer.


315*20 is pretty strong dude. whats your best for a single out of curiosity?


Thanks, I guess (unless being facetious).

The first program I used for the first two years or so of lifting was Big Beyond Belief, which involved weekly 13-15 rep days and never went below 8 reps. So I'm more prepared for a good 20 rep squat v. a 1 rep. That said, the heaviest I've ever gone is 410, which I did today. It was pretty smooth, so I'm not sure what I'm good for.

But let's just say 410.