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20-Rep Squat Routine Diet?

Hi guys! I am going to start this routine in a couple of months. Do you think just eating away at clean calories and worry about fat gains afterwards is the strategy in terms of diet or would you implement a more measured accompanying dietry plan? Where I live there is no dairy available so the milk tactic is out. I would have to eat nuts (cashew) to find the calories. My diet is already extremely clean - seafood, rice, vegetables, tropical fruits, potatoes, all fresh and caught/grown locally with barely any cheat meals. Any advice would be much appreciated.

It’s a mass building program so eat enough to… Build mass.

It’s also a linear program so depending on how advanced you are and what weight you are starting your squats at, you may need to increase calories as you progress through the program.

I’m assuming you are running it for 6 weeks and lifting 3 times a week?

If you are doing the program honestly, you will be very hungry. Resting maintenance for me is ~2600cal & when I first started 20rep squats I needed almost 4k on workout days & 3200++ the next day or I felt famished. Plan on eating every 90min on workout days. Get a minimum of 1g of protein per lb of bodyweight.

The goal of the 20rep program is to gain weight, so for the 6weeks you hammer on it, eat accordingly. If you are looking to diet or re-comp or scared of gaining some chub, maybe try a different program. Done properly, you will get stronger, thighs will get bigger & you will gain scale weight.

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Oh and bring your teddy to the gym, at around the 3rd week you will need something to sob into :joy:


Thanks for the replies. I’ll start eating proper meals then as cashew nuts may be calorie dense but won’t fill me up. I don’t train until 8pm anyway as it is too hot to train before then unless I wake up early and go before work and that simply isn’t going to happen so I imagine I will eat more on non-training days.

I will be doing 3x a week for 6 weeks, yes. Have you managed to finish the routine before? I imagine it quite difficult to finish and have progressed each and every session.

Do you see growth gains elsewhere or just the thighs? I am debating throwing in some calf work to take advantage of the increased levels or testosterone and growth hormones to get them to grow.

Which 20 rep squat routine are you doing? There are several.

I didn’t there there were several. I don’t have access to the link now but the one I saw was something like:
Squat 1x20
Bench 4x8
RDL 4x8
BOR 4x8

You better find it. I’ve never that program with calf work.

That looks like none of the 20 rep squat programs I’ve ever seen. It’s missing the most telling sign; the pull overs. Every 20 rep squat program had at least one set of 20 pull overs after the squats.


The pull overs help a ton too. They are pretty nessecary imo. They help you learn to breathe into your diaphragm and your stomach, plus it help and you stretch out your back and such. I did 20 rep squats in the past 4 days on 2 off. I didn’t do anything else except pull overs, overhead press and some upper back/rear delt work. It works, but you need to dig to finish it.

Since I’m not one to overcomplicate things, the first thing that comes to mind is that whatever works for 6, 10 or 12 reps should work for 20. Just eat good foods, because there are no magic foods to enhance a 20 rep squat program.