20-Rep Squat / Pullover

I tried that old-timer 20-rep squat/Pullover superset today. Oh my dear god! I can totally see that putting some serious mass on a body. I’ve done 20-rep squats before, but those pullovers just feel so damn good after finishing those squats. Anybody else do these?

Yesh…I think i’d probably barf after 20 squats…which is why I do 10 at most.

I did 20 Rep squats awhile back with 3 deep breath inhalations between each rep to fully expand the rib cage. Also super setting them with pullovers. I got so damm dizzy I almost passed out and was seeing those funny shapes flying around in front of my eyes. I really enjoyed those after awhile and put on some nice size. Good Luck with them!!

This sounds interesting. Can I ask how much weight you do with a pullover? I heard anything over 25 is not good. This superset sounds good also. A total body burner.

I’m not sure what you mean by “anything over 25 is not good.” I would find a weight that you’d normally do 10 hard repetitions with. Then use that weight and do 20. Same technique as the squat, do your reps… pause at the top and breathe until you can do another. Keep going until you get to 20. I used an ez-bar w/ 35 lbs on each side. It’s a really cool feeling w/ those pullovers… like your whole torso is just stretching out.

I was reading in the Brawn book and the author said that when doing a pullover. It is not suggested to do more than 25 lbs as it I forgot what it does. Well he could have been wrong. I stopped doing the exercise because I felt like the weight was to light. Ill have to pick it back up again.

I just finished a routine where I was doing this exact same superset. I did them during a Mag 10 cycle and it really worked out well as a quality “bulker”. KMA (Kicked my ASS)!!!
What I noticed was that I had to drop my feet to the floor (usually have them up on bench) during the pull over portion. The lactic acid burn in my legs was too much to tolerate if I tried to keep my legs up.

I’ve done them in the past without really seeing any results. It felt completely different after the squats, though… so we’ll see how this goes. I wouldn’t worry too much about the 25lb limit though,… just find your weight and use strict form.

Do you perform the the pull-over without sitting down or do you use the same barbell you squatted with to do the pullover?

I used a flat bench w/ an ez-bar… but you can use an oly bar or dumbbells. Check out the Ian King Bulk Building Workout if you haven’t… It’s got a picture.

Been a while, but I’ve done them. One of the toughest workouts I’ve ever done. BTW I noticed in Ian’s Bulk Building workout he recommends TWO SETS of these! How in the hell can anyone do two 20-rep sets assuming you went balls-out the first go-round??? Much respect to those of you who can actually do this.

I did it twice the other day… w/ about 10 minutes rest… Oh, and a 'lil pharmaceutical assistance.

Hey some people actually think 20-rep squats add size! Maybe 100lbs/1yr isn’t so farfetched after all!

the reason you don’t use a heavy weight on pullovers is because it is designed to expand your rib cage (though whether this can actually be done in fact is still contentious). the rationale is that if the weight is too heavy you will use your muscles too much, when in fact you’re meant to use it to gently pry the ribs apart.

I’ve reader “Super Squats” as well as “The Complete Keys to Progress” both which write extensively about the 20 rep “breathing squat” workout, and from what I recall the pullovers are simply performed with a manageable weight. It is meant as a breathing exercise more than a muscle building exercise.