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20 Rep Squat Program


Yo dudes, I'm trying to get huge and powerful legs. I read on bb.com about the 20 rep squat program. You guys think thats they best way to make my legs grow... Any better suggestions?


It's a method, but not the only method.



Its a great program, providing you carry it out properly. It requires a lot of mental toughness though results by many people who have tried it speak for itself as being successful.
Whats your experience level? lifts etc? If your a very new beginner you may not have either the strength nor technique to make it worthwhile.


Followed correctly and with a good mass oriented eating plan, 20 rep squats will definitely help beef the legs up, thats for damn sure. The big thing with that program is that you have to be doing a legit "20 rep squat" and not a "I can squat this weight 20 times" kind of thing.

Its a weight you could honestly only do 10 times if you did it as a single set, and you keep the weight on your back after rep number 10... Breath for a few reps and hit another 2-3 reps. Breath deep 3-4 times, hit another 1-2 reps, and so on until you are at 20.

These are absolutely brutal, if you arent seriously questioning whether or not you can get 2 or 3 more reps you arent doing it right.


Yes but not EVERY single leg session. You'll just burn out/lose drive and focus eventually if you did it week after week.

Some leg sessions you may just want to do 5-10 reps/set (or even as low as 3 reps/set), then alternate it with the 20 rep session.

Best way of spurring growth/strength.


@kursk01.... I've been lifting properly for a year now. I'm not to happy with the size of my legs compared to the rest of my body so I just wanna do something to make them bigger.

As far as the program goes, are the 20 reps of squat good enough for a leg workout for the week or are there other things I should do, besides pullovers


i would not say 20 reps with a 10rm per week is enough, 20 reps with 95% of your max maybe. they arent that taxing in the great scheme of things, i often throw them in after a deadlift or squat session


if your do them make sure your breath properly! i did them with great results but the second session i didnt breath properly (dont know why) held my breath too much and ended up calling in sick driving on the way to work as i had the worst migraine ever, i thought i was gonna throw up over myself lol

went home and slept for the rest of the day and even the next day i didnt feel right