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20 Rep Squat Program- My Logs

alright so im 15 years old, about 16. i have super long legs that a muscular and i have a very muscular back, but my bones are very very thin due to bad genetics. ive been working out all summer but i havent really been on a plan. just made up my own. i want to gain 5 pounds by august 21st… 3 weeks. i will be taking about 3500-4000 calories a day, a buttload of protein, and 2 weight gainer shakes a day, consuming of 980 calories and 60 grams of protein a serving, mixed with milk.

i wont be drinking a gallon of milk a day because my mom is definatly not gonna buy me that, but i will be drinking a lot of milk and eating a lot of carbs. i have a solid muscular foundation but i need to gain some weight so yeah. this will be my 20 rep squat log.

the routine:
10 minutes of warm-up/stretch sets
1x20 squats
1x15 light pullovers
2x8 dumbbell rows

Day 1:
ok so today was my first go at the 20 rep squat program.
i hit the gym at 9 o clock in the morning.
after some concentration and some warmup, i tried at what would be the right weight to start the program with.
i started with 125, which is not a lot, but hey at least im trying.
it was extremely hard, i think i could have upped it 5 pounds. but i was getting a good idea at what i am getting into. i took the reps by 5-

this worked a lot better than 1-20
after i downed the reps and got the weight off my back i was relived, but almost fell down, i struggled over to the bench, DRENCHED in sweat everywhere and did some slow pullovers, then got some water. i then did 2 sets of rows, 8 reps with 45 pounders.
i was finally done. i lied down for about 10 minutes on the bench and walked home in pain… i was already sore in my hammies, glutes, back, and shoulders. a couple hours later and i have to hold on to something to get myself off the toilet lol… i mean this is insanely sore, like getting layed out by jeremy shockey.

so thats all, im doing it 2 days a week. hopefully ill gain some pounds, i have a feeling i will

p.s. i got some creatine, should i use it?

Is this routine all you’re doing? Don’t get me wrong, squatting is great, but you should be able to recover enough to hit the gym more than twice a week, and in those other days work on: bench press, overhead press, pullups, hell maybe even some deadlifts.

I don’t know about those weight gainer shakes - going by what you posted, they each have 740 calories from fat and/or carbs, probably mostly carbs. What does your diet look like? You can probably fit in solid foods like eggs, peanut butter, meat, beans, rice, etc. throughout the day, in addition to drinking more milk, and not need the gainer shakes.

Anyway, good for you to be working hard and eating big. I wish I’d started when I was 16.

i just looked at the weight gainer bucket and it said 130 calories from fat (when taken with milk.)
well im eating a lot of peanut butter sandwiches, i eat rice almost every night, i have a meat like 2 times a day, and i eat different foods on and off during the day.

and yeah thats what i was thinking…

monday: squats/pullovers/rows
wednesday: another exercise

the problem is after the squats every part of my legs are sore, upper and lower back, and my shoulders are sore. my triceps are also very sore.
on wednesdays i think i might do some isolation chest work with some shoulders thrown in.
thanks for advice (: